Celebrity Vet Joe Inglis: Being A dedicated pet owner While Travelling

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Can you believe it, I’m so wagging excited to talk to a Vet! Sounds crazy, but I’m lucky that I get to ask the questions and I’m not even going to poke him once when I do. Considering I’m a travelling dog, and I get lots of questions about how to travel with your pet, I really wanted to reach out to a professional vet and ask his thoughts about pet travel.

We all want to be dedicated pet owners while we’re at home and away, so I wanted to see how a vet thought about the best way to prepare your dog and yourself for a happy journey.

About Joe Inglis

Joe Inglis is a veterinary surgeon in the United Kingdom. Inglis is well known for his appearances on television and resident vet on The One Show (BBC 1). He also was the managing director of Pet’s Kitchen, which produces top quality pet food for dogs and cats. He also has a pratice in Swindon, delivering high quality care at affordable prices.
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My Interview on being a dedicated Pet Owner while travelling

How can a dedicated pet owner ensure that their pet is happy while away from home?

Keeping pets happy when away from home is a very individual matter as some pets, dogs in particular, are so bonded to their owners that provided they are together they are not too worried about where they are. Other pets though can be much more upset and stressed by being away from their usual surroundings and changes in routine. For these pets, try to bring as many of their own things with you as possible – for example, a dog’s bed, toys and food bowl. Remember that smell is the most important sense for dogs, so things that smell of home usually provide a real sense of security.

Should I pack food or get it at the location I am visiting?

I would always recommend taking your pet’s usual food with you as any abrupt changes to diet can cause digestive upsets. You may also not be able to get a food of suitable quality while you are away, which could be very important for pets with particular diet requirements such as hypoallergenic foods.

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Should I bring something familiar with me when I travel with my dog?

Yes, any of your dog’s ‘personal belongings’ that you can bring with you will help reduce the stress of the journey and provide comfort while you are away.

4. Any advice on vaccinations that I may need when I travel abroad with my dog?

The main extra vaccination required is rabies. This vaccination is required for the PETS passport travel scheme so you would need to have it done before any overseas travel under the passport scheme. You should also consult your vet about additional preventative health treatments such as worming and tick treatments, and protection against more exotic diseases such as heartworm in some countries.

Last Words
Its important to look after your pet’s health to ensure you can enjoy the summer months together! You can extend your summer and be in with a chance of winning a UK pet friendly holiday by entering a competition to find the UK’s Most Dedicated Pet Owner with Frontline Spot On www.facebook.com/FrontlineSpotOn

Thank you Joe for your insights, advice and tips we really appreciate it and are happy to know we’re on the right track when it comes to being a dedicated pet traveller!