[Interview] Jass Richards, Author: Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun

dogs just wanna have fun cover

Looking for a fun summer read that will make you giggle? If so Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun might just do the trick while lazing around the garden.

About The Book


It’s a Fun is a collection of funny, feel-good, happy-ever-after dog stories told by the ever-quirky, ever-sarcastic Brett from This Will Not Look Good on My Resume. After failed attempts on staying employed, she decided to try her hand at being a dog walker. Each chapter tells the adventures or misadventures as a dog walker and all the antics the dogs she walks get involved in. I think anyone who’s walked a dog, can relate to some of these very funny tales.


Taffi having fun

What made you decide to write the book?

Two things:

  1. Several people who read This Will Not Look Good on My Resume, sort of the prequel, told me that they thought the last story, “Walking (with) the Dogs” was the best one in the book (it became, with a few alterations, the first story in Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun);
  2. I realized I enjoyed writing that one the most (when I write about people, I get very angry and start ranting…screaming, actually) — I guess I have more fun with dogs than with people!

Do you have a pet? Pet’s name?taffi the dog

Yes. Taffi.

When was it launched?

Taffi? The last time she was launched was, actually, yesterday. It happens on occasion when we’re kayaking, because she sits, or stands, on the prow like a little hood ornament, and when one of us stops paying enough attention to the balancing act this requires, she goes overboard. (Not to worry. We’ve practiced the out-of-the-lake-back-into-the-kayak rescue and we pretty much have it nailed.)

The book? April 15, 2014.

Best advice for travelling with a dog?

Let me know! Taffi still gets carsick. (But not kayaksick. Go figure.)


About the bond with your pet?

She likes it when I go hunting with her. In fact, I say, above, ‘kayaking’ but really we’re ‘muskrat hunting’. Apparently.

About the Author

Jass Richards has an M.A. in Philosophy and used to be a stand-up comic (now she’s more of a sprawled-out-on-the-couch comic). She has received several Ontario Arts Council grants, and one of her theatrical works, Substitute Teacher From Hell, is about to be performed!