Why Doggie Daycare is Fun For Your Pooch

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A friend of mine is moving to New York and will be working full-time in the big apple this fall and she’ll be living right in Greenwich village a vibrate and fun location to live and work. Her dog Todd is going with her too and both are excited about the move.

Todd is a feisty 7 year old dachshund, with a very protective streak. He likes walks and enjoys playing with other dogs, (once he gets to know them), however when left alone, he likes to bark all day until he peep returns.

So Jill asked me if doggie daycare would be a good idea for Todd and how would she make sure he enjoys his time there.

Now when I was a pup, my peep also worked long hours as an estate agent, and didn’t want to leave me at home alone all day. Trust me there is nothing worse that sitting home all day wondering when your peep will come through the door. Besides how am I going to meet other dogs  and become a healthy socialized dog?

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Why Doggie Daycare

When your dog goes to a doggie daycare, you’ll know that your pooch is not pining away, bored, stressed, worried or crying while waiting for your return. Instead, while your at work, your pup gets to:

  • Socialize
  • Exercise
  • Play

What does my dog do all day?

My dog goes to doggy daycare and dances every time I say “Yonkers ready for school?”  ~Rebecca (Client at Vip Dogs)

Luckily a doggie daycare usually opens early so that your peep can drop you off before heading to work. After you enter you’ll be whisked away to your play group that is a perfect fit for your size, age and temperament.

From there your day will start with playing with other dogs, sometimes outdoors or in, depending on the weather and facilities. Usually around mid day your encouraged to relax and have a rejuvenating rest from all the excitement of seeing your buddies and playing with the staff.  Afternoons can be many different things, like romping around with your favourite buds, maybe a little training session with a staff member or even a stroll around the neighbourhood.

Then depending on your peeps schedule your peep will come and pick you up to take home, or you might even get driven back from the doggie day care. Also if you peep has longs hours, you might have dinner that your peep supplied you for the day.

doggie daycare paper work

Doggie day care Paperwork requirements

  • Written verification from your veterinarian that your pet is up-to-date on vaccinations including Rabies, DHLPP/DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza, Parvo), and Bordatella.
  • Dogs usually need to bespayed or neutered to attend.
  • Information application (this will include info about your dog, vet, health, allergies, and your contact info)

Most doggie daycares will require you to come in and meet the team, check out the facilities and see how your dog interacts. Everyone wants to make sure that the doggie daycare that you choose is a good fit for your pooch.

So Todd, enjoy New York and more importantly enjoy your new doggie daycare, New York dogs are loads of fun and I am sure you’ll fit right in to the pack.

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