Review & Giveaway: Antler Bakes & Crunchy Bakes Treats

Review and Giveaway for antler bakes

Honest, pure and natural dog biscuits

Munchy crunchy tasty treats just entered the door! I’m extremely happy when our postman comes to the door with a box and this time it was something for me. I know it’s for me because it’s addressed to me! My peep told me it was a product for me to review. I sure hope it’s something tasty, because that is a review that I really can sink my choppers on!

dog treats from Antler bakes

Lucky for me the good people at Green & Wild Pet Naturals sent over a whole box full of Antler & Crunch Bakes with a new and improved recipe. Which as a treat loving dog, it’s my duty to see how good these treats can be and I promise I’ll try each and everyone every chance I can get. However, like most dogs, I have a peep who controls the flow of treats to my lick smacking mouth, so I’m going to make sure I’m on my best behavior and make sure I get every chance to try them out.

Antler Bakes & CrunchAntler bakes and crunch dog treats

All of their biscuit treats are made with good wholesome ingredients and no funny stuff added at all! Hand baked in a bakery by a real baker right here in the U.K.

  • Wheat Free
  • No added salt
  • No artificial flavours
  • High in Fibre
  • No added Sugar
  • No preservatives

Antler Bakes

Are hand baked with sweet apple and fresh carrot, and with ground antler. Ground antler which contains amazing benefits for dogs.

ground antler benefits

Made from Grade A Antlers that are naturally shed each year, from free ranging deer that live natural lives. No deer are ever harmed. Who knew that antlers could be so good for you? I’ll have to remember not to bark at them the next time I see them in Richmond Park.

Besides the fruit and veggie mix of  carrot and apple these little gems are also packed with garlic, rosemary and parsley. Good nutritional benefits including valuable vitamins of A, B, C, and E, antioxidants, calcium, magnesium and iron. wholesome stuff that can help towards healthy skin, boosting immunity, preventing inflammation from arthritic conditions and improving bad breath.

Crunchy Bakes

I have to admit salmon is one of my favourite foods and I was really excited to try these little tasty biscuits. Salmon is such a super food, it contains Omega 3 and 6 oils, which helps support the immune system and can be beneficial for skin and coat health. The good bakers also added  carrots, flax seed (a great source of fibre)  and rosemary to make them a super yummy treat.
I was very intrigued about the added kelp that’s baked right into every treat too.

Kelp For Dogs: Kelp contains over 100 nutrients that your dog needs.  It is a wonderful source of trace minerals, including iodine, magnesium, zinc, copper, gold, cobalt, and selenium.  Also found in kelp are high levels of B vitamins, as well as Vitamin E and C.  In addition to these vitamins and minerals, kelp is also rich in amino acids. Benefits: Shinier and softer coat,healthier skin,Better digestion, Increased immune function,

 Taste Test

okay, oreview of antler bakeskay enough about all the goodness, the big question is….Are they tasty?

Yes that’s me on the right, and yes I’m full of glee! My first taste of Antler Bakes training treats, which are shaped in cute little hearts and are about 1/2 an inch big. Perfect as a training treat, if your into that sort of thing for me it’s all about the reward. As a working dog, I do get paid to be photographed, and my currency is treats!

These are a great size for me, and I actually chewed them and the crunchy sound was really good. In fact I was lucky enough to try three and was very eager to try more.

 Crunchy Bakes…I’ll help myself

Yes, I went a little crazy, but hey it wasn’t my fault that my peep left the room. She always forgets how clever I am, and even though she left the box on a chair, I was able to knock it down and try the Salmon and Kelp treat on my own. The packaging is very cute and even though it has a tidy little flap to open the product, I found it much easier to use my teeth. I told you I loved salmon and the sweet smell of these biscuits were calling my name!

crunchy bakes

What can I say, but that I love them! These tasty treats have earned a spot in my treat cupboard! My peep liked the healthy and natural ingredients and I loved the taste. So why not give them a try and enter our wagging giveaway too!


The Giveaway

One lucky dog winner will receive a tasty combo pack of Green & Wilds’s Pet Naturals Antler Bakes (150g biscuits & 100g training treat box) and Crunch Bakes.(150g biscuits)

How can you win? Easy! Just write-up a comment and you can get extra entries by using the Rafflecopter form!

When does it start and end? The contest starts now. The contest ends on 20th of August 2014

One winner will be drawn at random.

Gather your pack of friends & family Spread the word and give a howl. One entry per person.

antler bakes giveaway
a Rafflecopter giveaway

What if I win? Winner will be notified and announced right here on the 21st of August 2014 at Wag The Dog UK! Winner must provide name and mailing address so that we can ship you the prize.

Contest is open to the UK and Europe and your peep needs to be at least 18 to enter! (or Almost 3 in dog years)

Check them out

Can’t wait… and want your own pack of Antler Bakes biscuits now?

Website: Antler Dog Chews

Location: London, UK

Ring, Ring: 01225 890808

Price range: Training treats: £2.79 Biscuits: £3.29

Disclosure: We would like to thank Green & Wild’s Pet Naturals  for supplying Antler Bakes for our giveaway and review for this post. All comments, views and options are strictly our own.

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