How To Pack An Awesome Dog Bag

dog bag essentials for travel

Being prepared with a fully stocked dog bag while out of the house is always better than guessing or thinking twice about things that you’ll need at your new location. You’ll never know what situation you’ll be in or what you’ll need in order to keep a dog happy, so a ready-packed dog bag will always come to your rescue and keep your pooch happy and content. It’s a perfect time to have a dog bag ready to go in case of emergency, a stay at a kennel or a sudden trip off to grandma’s house.

1 Select a suitable dog bag

The type of dog bag you use will depend on what your dogs needs will be while away from home. For short trips, like to doggie day care or out for the day, a smaller bag with a few basics will be fine but for longer trips, including car travel, camping, and visiting family, a larger bag is a must. When purchasing a dog bag, check for such features as:

  • Easy-to-access pockets, something to hold poo bags, is plus!
  • Good storage containers for dog food and treats
  • A compartment for a good sleeping blanket.
  • Comfortable handles or straps for carrying or wearing.
  • Easy to clean and store when at home.
  • Looks right for you. If you’re a man, you might not want to carry around a dog bag that’s flowery or bright pink. Something that looks like a backpack or courier bag will do the trick.

2Keep a food stock.

If your dog is going to be out of the house during meal times food and drinks should always be packed. Use a travel container that hold enough food for the trip and add a travel-sized bottle for water. A foldable travel bowl come in handy to give your dog his food and water and is easy to pack. A great idea is to pop the containers in freezer so that everything stays fresh during your journey.

pack dog food in your dog bag

3Stock up on Poo-bags.

As a responsible pet owner, home or away, your dog will need to do his business. Better to be prepared with a good stock of poo-bags to clean up afterwards. A bag full of handy wipes should be tucked in the dog bag as well for muddy paws and hands.

bring dog poo bags

4Keep health essentials in the bag.

Use the side pockets or little compartments for medications, pet passport, or medical records

5Have extra clothing

You may also want to add a warm jumper or rain coat  just for those times when the weather changes drastically. You don’t need to over pack these things; if it’s just for a walk in the park, you probably don’t need add the extra gear.

bring a doggie rain coat

6Keep your dog entertained.

Bring a toy or two and a favorite long lasting chew for long drives.  If the chew gets mucky just pop it into a little sandwich bags to keep clean.

Having a bag all set with your doggie’s essentials will help you safe time and be able to run out the door in a tail way. Why not get your dog his own paw-bag so he’ll be all set and ready to go!

Now that your dog is all set for an awesome time away from home, grab your camera and capture some great moments with you and your dog.

take your dog away with a dog bag packed