Cheese Burger Dog Treats to Crunch & Munch [Recipe]

burger dog treats

I bet you noticed this summer while you were barbequing, that you had a devoted dog right beside you checking on your cooking skills. If you are anything like me I like to start off in the kitchen oversee the prep, sniff out the ingredients and hope we have people over who forget that if they leave there plate unattended all contents belong to the dog. That would be me of course!

So while my peep is making her burgers for the BBQ, she decided to put aside a bit of burger for me and made these crunchy little dog treats. It really only took her about 10 minutes to make the mix, and considering I’m not fussy about how they look, she made them into little patties by just scooping a piece of dough and then flattening it with a fork.

So the next time your barbequing, why not mix up a special batch of something tasty for your pooch to crunch and munch! These little cheese burger dogs treats are very tasty with a nice crunch, in fact they’re great to make anytime your dog is craving a mini burger. However make sure your peep keeps them safe and out of reach from visiting peeps, I had four of mine swiped by one of our guests!

beef dog treat


  • 500 ml (2 cups) whole wheat flour
  • 480 grams of minced beef
  • 2 Egg
  • 2 Tablespoons of  shredded Cheddar cheese
  • Splash of Water


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grab your baking sheet, a nonstick baking mat or parchment paper; set aside.

burger dog treat ingridents


2.In a bowl put minced beef, cheese and eggs  into a large mixing bowl and mix.

3.Add Flour you don’t have to be precise with the flour and may add more or less than recommended. You will want a consistency of a sticky dough, but not too sticky, it should not stick to you hands. You may even need a splash of water.

dog treat burger dough4.I use a spoon and grab a piece of dough and roll it in my hands and place on the cookie sheet. Then to give the little grill look, I use the back of a fork to score and flatten the little balls into little cheese burger patties.

5.Place the cookie sheet in the center of the oven. Let it cook for 30 – 40 minutes, depending on whether you prefer moister or crunchier treats.

6.Remove from the oven. Use a spatula to lift your mini cheese burger treats off of the cookie sheet and place on wire rack for cooling, however you can let it cool on a kitchen plate as well.

7.Once cooled, call you your dog ask for a “sit” and see how much they will love there cheese burger dog treats.

homemade burger dog biscuits

Remember: These healthy and natural little treats contains fresh meat, it does need to be refrigerated or frozen and consumed within three to four days. It can be kept frozen for three months before consumption.