My Dog Has An Upset Stomach Info-Graphic Tips

dog feels ill cover

Sometimes when I’m out I might find something on the ground that looks tasty and I’ll gobble it down as fast as I can before even thinking if it’s bad for me. I have eaten my fair share of chicken bones, smelly moldy bread, sticky meat, horse poo, and even wood bark. Even thought my peep tries to keep an eye on me, most times she just isn’t quick enough to stop me from eating something bad.

And sometimes when I do eat something bad, I get an upset stomach and feel awful for a few hours to even the whole day. When that happens my peep keeps an eye on me, checks me out and puts me on a bland diet or sometimes a full fast.

So if your dog has an upset Stomach check out our facts on our info-graphic, but if you’re not sure please take your dog to their vet.

upset dog stomach

Got to the vet at once if your dog also has one of these symptoms:

  • Dehydration (check to see if the gums are pale, low skin elasticity)
  • Blood in vomit, feces or urine.
  • Having trouble defecating or vomiting
  • Listless or lethargy
  • swallowed an object, chemicals, poison, food toxic to dogs, or medications.
  • Belly is painful to the touch or is hard

Now remember I’m a beagle, not a vet so if your dog gets an upset stomach every once in a while and you don’t suspect it’s an emergency, try to make your pup feel better and let them work it out of their system. If things don’t improve, call your vet who can help make your pup feel better.