4 Apps to Play with Your Pooch

As a proud parent of a beautiful dog, you might already have some apps that are geared toward your dog’s health, activity level and more. While these apps are fantastic ways to keep tabs on how many miles you and your precious pooch are walking each week or serve as reminders for when to schedule well-pet visits, there are actually apps just for playing with your dog.

While your possibly color-blind dog might not be able to match three candies in a row—and considering how addictive that game can be, this is probably a good thing—he or she can definitely enjoy some apps that were created with dogs in mind. For example, consider the following apps available for iPhones:


This innovative app takes your mobile phone or tablet and transforms it into a squeaky toy. As iSqueek notes, it’s the first virtual appapps for play with your dog that will respond to the touch of a hand or paw. The toys on the screen will actually compress and expand, just like your dog’s real squeaky toys that are lying all over the floor. The app, which costs $1.99, features 18 colorful toys, and it can even recall which toys your dog played with the longest.

To make sure your phone or tablet stays as scratch free as possible, be sure to keep your dog’s nails trimmed. This way, both you and your pooch can enjoy the mobile squeaky toy app together.

Pet Acoustics

If you’ve noticed your dog looking longingly at you while you listen to some of your favorite tunes, Pet Acoustics is the ideal app for your music-loving canine. But instead of loud and raucous tunes that might hurt their super-sensitive hearing, Pet Acoustics features a bevy of tunes that were designed with dogs’ ears in mind. The frequency, rhythm and volume are all perfect for dogs, and can even help to calm nervous pets. If you have to leave your dog home alone for awhile, the $1.99 app can help to comfort them. It’s also great to play during scary thunderstorms or while traveling in the car to see the vet.

Dog Boogie

app dog playIf your four-legged friend is fascinated by sounds, Dog Boogie will provide both of you with endless hours of entertainment. Free for the iPhone and iPad, this app emits unusual sounds that are sure to grab your dog’s attention. This can come in handy when you are trying to take photos of your pooch or just trying to get their attention.

Game for Dogs

Available from the iTunes store, the free Game for Dogs app features virtual toys moving game for dogs apparound on a brightly colored screen. In order to grab the attention of dogs, the app features highly-contrasted backgrounds and the toys move in a realistic way, which will help to keep your dog focused on the action. The app comes with a free Dalmatian toy, but you can pay extra for a squirrel or cat. While some dogs will just stare at the screen in awe as the toys move around, others will engage by touching the screen with their nose or paw.