Customizable Pet Photo Decals By PookaPet [Review]

Pookapet pet photos

We’ve all gone mad with taking pet photos, or at least my peep has and she loves to share them too. She’ll post to Pinterest, Facebook, Google, Instagram and Twitter! I sometimes feel that I’m living with the paparazzi in my home. However with all this uploading and sharing, few make it in a photo frame or something we can enjoy in the house without turning on a gadget.

So when we found out about PookaPet, we thought what a great idea! It’s perfect way to transform some of my photos into cute little pet photo decals and stick them on things we use everyday. I have to admit there is nothing cuter that having a photo of your pet that you can see right in front of you.

About PookaPetpookapet decals

Pookapet is a USA based company started by Boo-Boo a rescue cat that moved into her forever home with Stephen and Summer Hockman. Boo-Boo not only knew she was in a loving home but spotted that Stephen was a graphic designer.  After a few purr-fect thought suggestions to Summer, the idea was born. Don’t you just love clever cats!

With Pookapet you can create customizable pet photo decals that you can stick anywhere. You can choose from 9 different background colours, and choose either a white or gray colour for the inner frame circle. Lettering too can either be white or black.


  • The decals can be ordered in two sizes: 2 x 2 inches (5 x 5 cm) or 3.25 x3.25 (8 x 8 cm)
  • Select from 27 different phrases, four of which can be customized with your pet’s name.


It’s as easy as…

pookapet steps for photo sticker

Perfect For

  • Decorating your phone case, tablet or computer
  • Add a sticker on your car
  • Fancy up your child’s lunch box
  • Great for the fridge, on the window or door
  • Fun gift to any dog lover (Nice for the stocking at Christmas)

Customizable Pet Photo of MaggieHere is my little sticker with a caption that my peep thought was perfect for my spoiled beagle ways. She added the sticker to her tablet and when she’s out with the tablet, you’d be amazed at how many people come by and say cute!

The quality is great and not flimsy at all and I am so happy to promote this furry little business. So why not pop on over and have a sniff around. They ship globally and quickly so you can have your own littler sticker quicker than a woof!



Check them out

Website: Pookapet

Location: USA

Contact: Contact Form

Price: $4.99 to $5.99

Disclaimer: We would like to thank Pookapet for letting us try their paw-some little product. All opinions and review are our own.