Knock, Knock It’s Pawsome Box [Review]

Knock, knock, there’s a Pawsome Box at the door! I wasn’t even expecting it, so imagine my excitement when I sniffed out the box and knew it was for me! The good and experienced pet parents from Pawsome Box, sent me a box to try a little while back and I wanted to share my experience on all the goodies I received.

maggie checking out her pawsome box for review

About Pawsome Box

Pawsome Box is a subscription-based online service where members receive monthly surprises for their dogs, consisting of the most innovative and high quality pet products from around the world.

Each month you will receive treats, toys, accessories, hygiene and personal care products customized based on the pet’s:

  • Age
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Fur type
  • And of course personal preferences.

After you have made your pets profile, simply select one of their plans, and regardless of the size of your pet, all plans are offered at the same price.


  1. Month-to-month pricing is £19.90 per month. The plan automatically renews and you can cancel anytime.
    Including £1 per delivery
  2. Yearly subscription is £15.90 per month (a 20% savings) Including £1 delivery

Each month’s box has a different theme so you get different goodies each month. The concept of the boxes is to help you to discover new exciting products. If you could choose the products, it would not be a surprise!

Doing Good

 Pawsomebox contributes a portion of the proceeds to associations that help provide animals with a better quality of life by way of financial aid.

My Pawsome Box

Each month, the boxes have a different theme and my box was the Hello Summer theme with goodies to eat, train, play and care. All designed on my profile.

my subscription dog goodies

1Bunnie! Yes it’s true, I loved it and grabbed it before my peep photographed it. It squeaked and I had to find out why!

2Karlie Ultrasonic Whistle: How did this get into my box? My peep has been using it, but only I can hear it.  She says it’s a good training tool, but we’ll see.

3 8 in 1 Bone: Now this is something I can really get my choppers on. There is nothing better than sitting on floor in front of the fire with a nice long chewy.

 4 Karlie Good4Fun: Mum adds my doggie toothpaste to this bone so that I can get a good scrub while I chew.  It also has holes that you can pop a treat in too.

5Trixie Ohrenpflege: Always good to have on hand. It helps keep by long ears clean and fresh. Wunderbar!

6M & C Creamy Centers Yogurt And Real Banana: Love my banana and this one is wrapped up in a cruchy biscuit! mmmmm!


Each box comes with a paw notes booklet filled with great news, tips, and a tasty homemade dog treat recipe. Ours was about making doggie ice-cream and I can’t wait until my peep makes me some. It also gives you a description of all the goodies your pet received for that month.

The box contains 5-6 high quality products (treats, chews, biscuits, toys, health and hygiene products, grooming, training aids) all carefully selected by their team.

What did I think?

Well, first of all anything tasty, fun and it’s for me, I’m going love, and yes Pawsome box fits perfectly as a must have full of fun. What I liked about it was I was able to try some different things, like the M & C Creamy Centers, I loved them and I want more! My peep liked it because it helps keep me in swag monthly and it gets delivered right to the door.

I actually have Pawsome on my Christmas list as a gift for some of my furry pals, and yes even a kitty that I think would love there Purrfect Box, made for fun loving cats.

Check them out

Website: Pawsome Box

Twitter/Pawsome Box

Facebook/Pawsome Box

Contact: Email

Location: UK

Subscription Rates: £15.90 or £19.90

get your pet a pawsome box

We would like to thank the good people at Pawsome box for supplying us with a goodie box for me to review for this post. The views and opinions expressed in this post and on this blog are entirely my own. ~Maggie