10 Dog Thoughts That I Won’t Tell My Peep

dog thoughts

I have admit, I’m one lucky dog and its great living with my peep. I’ve learned a lot, seen a lot and even though I love my peep to bits, there is just some dog thoughts that I’d like to keep under paw.


I can spell

what dogs think while reading

T-R-E-A-T, C-A-T, W-A-L-K-I-E-S…. Yup I know exactly what they mean. You have been spelling them out for ages, but I secretly know what you mean, I just pretend not to understand, but I’m keeping an eye on you.

I know that my cute face works

cute face dog thought

I think this is why I love my peep so much. I can give her my best cute face and she gets all mushy, and I can either get a little treat from her plate, or a cuddle on the couch.

I Can here you

dogs can hear you

Maggie! Here!Here! Here!… Jeez, I heard you the first time, but I’m busy chasing squirrels at the moment.

I know you really like to snuggle

dog thoughs on sleeping

Sure I hear you chat about how I’m a bed hog, or how I like to take all of the duvet, but I also notice that you raise you head when I jump off the bed and head on over to mine.

I know you secretly enjoy it when I destroy my toys!

dog toy thoughts

Sure they may only last a minute or two, but you know I still love them so thank you for keeping me busy with my soft fuzzy toys!


You love my social nature

social dog

You can take me anywhere and I’m sure to enjoy myself, meet new people and maybe even crack a joke.


I like having a chat with the neighbours dog

dog thoughts woof in the garden


Sometimes I just need to let the world know that I’m in my garden.

I really never understood the word fetch

dog thinking ball

I get it the first time when you toss a ball, I go bounding over to it as fast as I can, pick it up and run back to you and return your ball. After all that, what do you do? Well you toss it again… I mean really!


I know that when I act silly…you love it!

silly dog

A wiggle, a zoomie, or even when I stretch…it always puts a smile on your face.


You are my top dog

me and my peep

Thanks peep! xxxx