Doggy Gadgets For The Road Trip, The Campsite And The Walk

No pet likes to be left behind whilst the rest of the family goes away on holiday. But travelling with your dog can be a daunting prospect: not only is there the stress of navigating the roads and finding suitable food and accommodation, you are also stuck looking after an unpredictable, and often unwelcome, travel companion.

So how can we make the trip go a little bit smoother for you and your pup? With cool doggy gadgets and mod cons of course! Here are eight of the best to keep your pet entertained and safe on your next holiday.

Getting there

Kurgo Auto Zip Line Doggy gadgets seatbelts

We’d all love for our dog to stay calm and still during a long car journey, but the majority of us know that just isn’t realistic.

The Auto Zip Line is a doggy seat belt that allows back and forth, plus sit and stand, movement. It also makes it super easy to get on the road with your dog, as the leash easily connects and disconnects from the zip line when getting in or out of the car.

The list price is £15.

HomeoPet Solutions Travel Anxiety Relieftravel anxiety meds

If car sickness is preventing you from taking your dog away with you then this gentle homeopathic remedy is great. The non-sedating liquid provides temporary relief from motion sickness, fear of travel including cars, boats, trains, and airplanes.

It can be used to treat vomiting, drooling, panting, restlessness and other unwanted behaviours associated with travel, and costs around £10.

 At the campsite

Taking your dog camping or caravanning can be a great experience: you get to show them the real outdoors and are likely to create some wonderful lasting memories.

Mark Bebb of Cosford Caravans loves to take his dog Pepper with him on camping holidays and has one valuable piece of advice:

‘Dogs are the perfect camping companion, but you need to prepare them for the trip. Dogs become stressed easily when faced with unfamiliar surroundings and so set up the tent in the garden, or spend a night in the caravan before you go, in order to get your dog comfortable with the prospect of camping for real!’

If this doesn’t do the trick then here are four gadgets to make your dog feel more at ease on the campsite.

 Doggy raincoatThe Rein Coat

Dogs can be easily spooked, especially when in unfamiliar surroundings, and therefore may need a bit of extra comfort whilst away from home.

When a puppy is under the care of his dog mother, the mum will lift the puppy off the ground in order to calm him down. The Rein Coat is designed to replicate this experience for your dog: the loose fitting, gentle touch, triggers oxytocin to be released in your pet’s brain which reduces fear and anxiety.

This is a great one to bring out if there’s ever a thunder storm in the tent. Prices range between £40 and £100.

 Wi-Fi Pet Monitor CameraDoggy gadgets

Ever wondered what you’re dog gets up to after hours? Through a wi-fi connection, the Motorola Scout 1 Wi-Fi Video Pet Monitor Camera provides two-way communication, allowing you to hear and speak to your pet remotely whilst in different compartment of your caravan.

The free app also allows you to record video and take snapshots … so your friends will actually believe your goofy dogs’ antics!

Price is £50.

Doggy water gadgetThe WaterDog

This automatic outdoor pet drinking fountain ensures your dog has fresh, clean and healthy water on demand. You can install the WaterDog on any outdoor faucet or the tap on your caravan and when your dog is thirsty the sonar proximity sensor turns the water on automatically.

Its height is fully adjustable and features a flow through spigot for connecting a hose, a low-battery indicator and an emergency-lockout function. This one is pricey though, at around £50.

 Toppl Treat Toy Cool Doggy gadgets

Made in the USA from West Paw’s proprietary Zogoflex material, the Toppl is non-toxic, dishwasher safe, and recyclable toy to keep your pet entertained. It’s basically a puzzle for your pet: you stuff it with a delicious treats and these wobbly dispensers keep the Einstein’s of the dog world entertained and challenged for hours.

Due to the quality of the material used, the price is £12.

Out on a walk

dog travel kit food and waterWag N Go Travel Bag

The Wag N Go travel bag provides everything you’ll need for a long day walk. Inside, the kit provides everything from travel bowls and bag dispensers, to freezable food containers and sleeping mats (all of which can be brought into use depending on the intensity of your trip).

The bag itself is also fitted with well-placed pockets and poop bag dispensers, to make the less pleasant parts of your journey just a little more manageable!

Altogether the bag costs £45.

 Dog Tracker PlusDoggy gadget app

It’s every dog owner’s worst nightmare to lose their dog whilst on a walk, and the chances of doing so are increased when travelling in unfamiliar surroundings. The Dog Tracker Plus is one of the best pieces of technology for ensuring peace of mind – it’s even been tried and tested by the armed forces!

The collar is fitted with a GPS device which can be tracked from an app on your phone. If you’re dog goes out of sight you can use the app to see their exact location, speed and direction of travel, allowing you to see exactly what they’re up to. Set electronic boundaries and never let your dog be led astray by any curious smells, or squirrels!

See here for details on pricing.


For those who feel a dog walk without a pint just isn’t a proper dog walk, this is the essential app for you. Doggity provides a guide to dog-friendly dining in urban Britain, and with over 2,000 pubs, restaurants and cafes listed you’ll always be within reach of a pint and perhaps an open fire for your furry buddy.



 What is your favorite doggy gadgets for travel?