Doggy Hair-We Love It [Book Review]

doog hair book for children

Doggy hair is a part of every dog owner’s life. In my home I am proud to say that my dog fur blankets every surface of my home and my peep is never fully dressed without a fluff or two of my silky doggy hair gracing her clothing!

It’s a dog lover’s way of life, and I’ve heard my peep chat about it with her fellow people pack on how best to get rid of it, or at lease minimize it to a bearable standard.

Sdoggy hair inside1o when our good friend Bobbi Evenson told us about a little book about Doggy Hair, we we’re really excited to read it. Doggy Hair is a fun children’s book beautifully illustrated by Jesse Mincin.

Doggy Hair is about a little girl, her furry doggie mate and of course all that doggy hair that gets into every thing!  The moral of the story is sweet and simple, love your dog, love their fur, because the rewards of a pet is priceless.

A very lovely read for children, and the illustration are fun. This would make a great stocking stuffer, for any child who loves pets.

 The book proceeds go to Buster’s Vision to help support their cause.

About Buster’s Vision

Buster’s Vision is a non-profit dedicated to provide the public with a positive, encouraging “ANIMAL EDUCATION”, promoting an awareness to protect the WELFARE OF ANIMALS, buyers, and respectable breeders and to develop higher standards of ethical business practice and conduct.

Buster’s Vision isn’t just an Animal education Website. They are physically active in their communities promoting, “Buster’s Vision Tools of Animal Education” Presentations and Booths. Their goal is to Save Animals, Wipe-out Puppy Mills, Puppy Mill Syndrome, Puppy Disease, Bogus Rescues, Reduce the Animal Population, and Prevent Dog Attacks & Maulings. Animal education is desperately needed in our communities. One voice can make a difference!


Buster is the sweetest, most gentle, loving pup you could ask for but he has a catch. Buster suffers from keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS) which is more commonly known as dry eyes.

He is the inspiration of Buster’s Vision!

‘Buster LOVES carrots and they are a very healthy and CHEAP alternative to commercial dog treats. Not to mention they are good for his eyes and coat 🙂

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Website: Buster’s Vision

Location: SF Bay Area, CA