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tooferme leads in uk

Leads, leads, leads, I love them, and I do have quiet a few. I have leads that can get mucky, fancy leads for going out to visit friends, and leads that are colourful and express my waggly nature.  And now we have just added TooferOne to my collection. My peep thought it was a great idea to add to the mix for two reasons.

1.Sometimes my BFF (Best Furry Friend) comes and stays with me, and when we go for walks my peep usually needs two leads. But with the TooferMe, she can double it up and walk both of us on one lead, because the lead is nice and long, in fact its 10 feet long, so plenty of length for both of us.

2.When we’re  heading out on the open road by car, she can use the lead as a doggy seat belt that keeps me all secure in the back seat and then when we arrive she fixes it as a lead.

Check out the video to see how it’s done.

About TooferMe

TooferMe is a company based in the USA that makes this Wag Cool multi-functional lead called the TooferOne  that works for just about all sizes of dogs and is now available here in the UK.

And when I say multi-functional, I mean there are endless ways to use the lead, and if you add the Carabiner, which is a hook, there is even more you can do!

You  can use the TooferMe lead …

  • as a collar
  • as a training Collar
  • as a harness and suitcase hold
  • securely tether it to anything
  • as a no pull
  • to walk two dogs or more
  • as a dog seat belt

tooferme lead as harness

Here I am modelling the TooferOne as a harness.

The Carabiner is great if you want to walk more than 2 dogs. Simply hook a Carabiner through any of the TooferOne loops and attach it to the new dog’s harness or collar. Great idea for your local dog walker. We use it to clip on my poo-bag holder, and sometimes my peep Toofer me attachment carabinerslips the house keys on it, due to the it closes nice and securely.

Get it here

Website: The Pet Business

Cost : £24.99

Location: UK

The Pet Business: Is a business dedicated to providing top quality pet products to fellow pet owners. They focus on quality, ethical, innovative products that also represent great value for money. Souring most of their products from America and Canadian companies.