Howling Halloween Ideas & Safety Tips For Dogs

halloween tips for dogs

It’s that time of year again! It’s the time that your peep starts eying you with gleeful eyes and a devilish look on their face. They are no longer looking at you as their lovable dog, no, they are sizing you up and thinking of how to make you look ridiculous, parade you around and then share that photo to all their friends!

What’s a dog to do? Well we love our peeps, so considering it’s only once a year, we grin and bear it, and hopefully get a few treats out of it. Besides it’s a loving and safe thing to do, however Halloween can be a nightmare, and can stress some dogs so make sure you follow these easy safety tips for dogs. If your dog is a party pooper, why not try some of these ideas and let your dog enjoy the day in wagging style.

1. Don’t dress your pet up in a costume unless you know they’ll be cool with it: I’m not a fan of any type of clothing on my body, so dressing me up in something that is not going to work. If you do decide that your dog needs a costume, make sure it isn’t annoying or unsafe. It should be comfortable and  not constrict movement, hearing, or the ability to breathe.

Tip: A Halloween themed collar might be just the trick!

halloween safety petsPhoto Credit: Zukie Style

2. Candies and Chocolate are not for dogs: All forms of chocolate , especially baking or dark chocolate can be dangerous, even lethal, for dogs. Candies that contain artificial sweetener xylitol can be poisonous to dogs. Also sticky candy is not good for dog’s teeth and can cause problems.

Tip: Why not make a batch of Halloween dog treats just for your dog.

halloween dog treatsPhoto & Recipe Credit: Sugar The Golden Retriever

3.Keep Pumpkins out of reach: Even though pumpkins are basically nontoxic, if your dog’s a chewer, and ingests a large quantity of pumpkin skin, intestinal blockage could occur if swallowed. Also if you have a nosey or hyper dog, a lit pumpkin could  be a danger waiting to happen. Should they get too close, they could end up burning themselves or knocking it over and cause a fire.

pumpkin safety for dogsPhoto Credit: I Love Dog Site


4.Keep Pets away from the door: If you are inviting trick-or-treaters to your home, your door is going to be constantly opening and closing, and filled with all sorts of loud spooky strangers. This can be really scary for some dogs, especially territorial or anxious pups. Your dog could growl at your guest or bolt out of the door due to all of the confusion.

Tip: Keep you dog in a secure room away from the front door, on his special Halloween Bed

pumpkin safety for dogs

Photo Credit: Pinterest

5.ID up to date: If your dog does escape and become lost, having the proper identification that is up to date will increase the chances that they will be returned.

Tip: If your dog does not like to dress-up a festive tag might do the trick!

 halloween dog tagPhoto credit: HugAPug Studios

What do you do with your dog on Halloween?