Have A Beagle? Then You’re Going To Love This Funny Video

funny beagle video

I love being a beagle, and I love all the crazy things we beagles love to do to keep our peeps smiling! I know a few tricks that will always crack up my peep. A zoomie, a beagle dance in the grass or smiling while I sleep! She’s so easy to please! In fact I make my own videos, so be sure to check out my wagging video too.

Anyone who owns a beagle or two will appreciate the humour and know how we make you laugh, by just being happy hounds.

My favourite is the pooch is the one who is licking the garden door, it’s the smile that got me giggling!

I’d like to thank Michael from World’s Fuzziest Videos for putting this little video together.

10 Funniest Beagle Video

What does your beagle do to crack you up?