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Hello peeps, I wanted to tell you about how you could meet a peep of your dreams, because I know exactly what you’re looking for in a mate. “Really” you say? Now don’t give me that funny look, and thinking I’m talking out of my tail.

We dogs who share our lives with you, know how terrific you are! In fact, a survey done by the University of Texas at Austin found that dog lovers are:

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  • Conscientious: You care, you’re self-disciplined, strong sense of duty, and are planners. And we know you have to be when you care for us dogs, we needs our walks, meals and schedules to keep us happy.
  • Extroverted: Having a dog naturally makes you out going and energetic. But it’s the positive attitude that we really love every time you take us out (rain or shine) and your enthusiastic glee when we play together.
  • Agreeable: Well maybe not when it comes to sharing your meals with us, but we know you only do that because you love us. What we love about our peeps is your social nature, when you chat with neighbours while on a walk, or your affection to us when we cuddle up on the sofa watching the telly. It’s your kindness that we love, and it’s why we trust you.

Thanks Fellowship Of The Minds for the survey

(The article also tell you about cat lovers too!)

Your pretty awesome, and wouldn’t you want to meet someone like that too? So if your looking for a little puppy love, and haven’t found that certain someone while on your daily dog walking path, perhaps a little pawing around YouMustLoveDogsDating might be the place to sniff out your ideal date!

Oh, yeah, make sure while your peep is viewing the dating pack, that she pops on over to their blog and checks out the doggy cooking network for a tasty recipe. I’d think that could possibly be the perfect date for two legs and four paws, a little walk, some baking of treats and then a cuddle on the sofa. Woof!

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A dog lover’s dating site based in the USA, and it might be just what you need to find that special someone who loves their dog as much as you do.

Now I know there are a lot of dating sites out there, but this one is built by dog lovers. They respect and understand that you already have one love in your life, and have set up the introductions to accommodate both you and your dog. Double doggy dating anyone?

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