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square snaps photo review

I bet you’re just like my peep, always taking photos with your smart phone or digital camera and sharing it on Facebook or Instagram. My peep loves it, and I like being her model too! Sometimes I’m even paid with a treat or two!

However funny enough I also see time and again when my peep is out with friends doing the swipe. What’s the swipe you ask? Well it’s when peeps take out their phones, open up their gallery and then start swiping their fingers across the screen to flip through their photos to  show their friends their latest images. It usually goes likes this… “Oh, let me show you my latest snaps, (bunch of peeps crowded around a little screen) swipe, repeat, and then her friends say “oh my goodness that’s so cute!”

square snaps poloroids

Now I’m not saying it’s not a great way to share your images, but have noticed that the ones you really, really love, takes you ages to find on the phone? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could take those snaps and convert them to something you can hold on to, display or even give as a gift? Well if you’ve been thinking of doing just that, I’d like to introduce you to Square Snaps.

About Square Snaps

Square snaps is an online site that enables you to print your Instagram or even your desktop photos in a wag cool Polaroid style, squares of different sizes, canvases, photo-books and best of all greeting cards.

The website is simple to use and the quality of their products are amazing. The website is very user friendly and in just a few steps your order can be on its way. They aim to produce your cards within 24 hours of receiving your order!

  1. Just choose the size or product that you would like to make
  2. Upload your photos from your computer or Instagram
  3. Review, crop and change the number of prints you would like to order
  4. Review your Shopping Basket and make payment or go back and choose another size or product.

Woof! Your beautiful prints are on their way, hot off the press – delivered worldwide!

square snaps review of dogsThere Dog Friendly too!

Meet Brian and his son Stevie,  and that’s Frankie too! They’re the Square Snap dogs! Square snaps is a dog friendly office, and there is even an Australian Shepherd called Arris, he is currently on holidays in Barcelona for the winter so he wasn’t available for a snap!

The staff love having these happy little sausage dogs in the office, besides making great paper weights, they love sniffing out great snaps! In fact while Brian was sunbathing under the desk lamp, he came up with the idea of a photo contest for a chance to win your own set of 27 free Polaroid style prints to the winner with the best photo!

Square Snaps Review


Why we love the greeting cards

First of all they’re not your bog standard photo cards, these ones are made on a gorgeous thick quality card stock and the envelopes are thick and luscious. You can tell they took great care in finding the best paper to print your images on.

The printing of your photos are done on an enormous great big super dooper precision monsters, which gives that spark in your photo and makes your pet look amazing and really stand out, in fact good enough to frame!

square snaps photo cards

So you can be sure the photo of your handsome dog wearing sunglasses or your pretty little princess having a nap on the sofa will really stand out amongst all the snowy robins and Santa faces this year.

The best part, is that you can get a pack of 10 and use 10 different images if you like, that way each person on your Christmas card list could get a unique image that’s  just for them! A set of 10 cards are £9.90 and they are 6″ x 6″ (15.2 x 15.2 cm), which is a perfect square size card to write your best greetings.

27 little Square Snaps of me!

square snaps of maggie display

Yup that’s me, in all my Instagram glory! My peep decided to grab her favourite photos from 2014 that she shared on Instagram and put them up as a little colleague of me! And considering the price is so reasonable, she’s going to do it again for next year.  It was really easy to do, just choose the Polaroid option and then click the Instagram button so that they can all be displayed. Scroll down and click on the ones that you would like to print. It’s as simple as that!

These little images are not your average Polaroids either, they are nice and thick, flush and smudge proof!  Smudge proof, not chew proof! My peep put my photos up in the shape of a heart in the dining room, right near my dinner bowls.

A set of 27 Polaroids cost £9.99 with free shipping in the UK, and they ship globally with very reasonable rates. Each Polaroid is 3.5″ x 4.2″ (8.9 x 10.8 cm)


Enter to Win

Just leave us a comment and upload your photo with #FunnySnapsXmasPet !

Funniest Christmas pet competition
Is Anyone Eligible? Anyone can enter as long as you are over 18, and live on Earth.

When does it end? The competition closes at 23:59 on the 14th December 2014!

How Are We Judged?  The overall winner of the competition will be determined based on the judges’ discretion.

Rules: Check out the T & C on the form.

Can my friends and family play? Sure! The more the merrier. In fact give them a tweet now!

Give a Tweet

Tweet: @Square-Snaps and @wagthedoguk Funniest Pet Photos Wanted! Enter to Win # #FunnySnapsXmasPet http://snip.ly/Y0Lh
  * Award will not be shipped until January 2015!

See the contestants here!

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10% off to Wag The Dog UK readers before December 18th just  type in WAGDOG10 at checkout! Don’t forget shipping is free!

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