Bigs Wags To Our Winner Of Tattoo Pug Dog Print By Roo Abrook

pug dog print winner

Ahh….WooooOoooo We have a winner! Kim and Lizzy have won the Very Wag Cool Tattoo Pug Dog by Roo Abrook Giveaway! Please join me in a wagging congratulations ….Howls and wags please!

We loved Kim’s comment….

We love dogs and dogs adorn our house where ever possible -we are also ”pug’ilists ‘(just a play on words which means Boxers) which of course are another type of dog !! we have dog pictures, dog paintings and dog blankets!!


Thanks Everyone Who Entered!

From each fantastic comment to every new wagging fan, we loved everything you had to say! But in the end, there could only be one winner to receive our cute Pug Print.

If you didn’t win, don’t worry — we still love you (and your dog, of course!). That’s why we’ll share great products that we love with our readers.

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Thanks everyone


Editor & Paw