Cost Of Owning A Dog Vs. Savings [Info-Graph]

how expensive is a dog
Insurance pioneer Bought By Many have created a new tongue and cheek report comparing the cost of owning a dog VS the average savings. They have proved that as well as bringing endless amounts of joy and happiness dogs can also help you save over £1,200 per year.
The average annual cost of owning a dog today stands at around £1,183.00 according to research by Bought By Many. But here are 6 unexpected ways you can save.
Save on Gym Memberships! Your dog will get you exercising each day without you needing to hit the gym. By giving up your gym membership you pup is helping you save.
Save on Spa Treatments! What’s better than a calming chat with your dog and a loving lick on the cheek?
Save on Dating Websites! Getting outdoors with your dog allows you to meet other people with similar interests. No dating sites or expensive cocktail bars needed when you have a dog.
Save on Alarm Systems! There really is no better burglar deterrent.
Save on Christmas Decorations! When your dog is just going to rip them down why bother buying them in the first place?
how much does it cost to own a dog

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