Wag The Dog UK Howling 2015

wag the dog uk 2015

Hi everyone, I’m back after a long and wonderful holiday season. We’ve been busy checking out some great new recipes, new products, wagging reviews and howling giveaways.  And they are all coming your way this month!

This Month we’ll be featuring

beets for dogs

  • Two book reviews!
  • A tasty new recipe with beets!
  • A snuggle warm giveaway!


We’d like to thank…

All our new subscribers, and all our wagging fans! You’ve really made Wag The Dog UK the place to check out fun stuff, doggy tips and tasty recipes  we’ve grown by leaps and bounds and we’re only 3 years old in interweb terms!

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Dawn from Pet Auto Safety

www.PetAutoSafety.com has a number of pet travel safety products including dog seat belts, pet car seats, pet car barriers, and more. It also has a number of pet travel accessories such as pet car seat covers and travel water bowls.

Rachel from My Kid has Paws

A quality source of information for pet parents and ambassador for Veterinary Medicine.

Laura from 25 Castles on 25 clouds

A wonderful and fun loving life blog.

Christie from Happiness is Siamese

Here is a fun blog to give you a smile once a week, learn some stuff about kitties and more!

Our top posts

bad nuts for dogs

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We want 2015 to be the best year yet and we want to know what you would like to see on Wag The Dog UK!

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