Should I get a cat or a dog?

cat or a dog cover

I know with my peep it was the biggest question she asked herself all the time, “should I get a cat or a dog“. You see, my peep grew up in a house full of pets, dogs, cats and even an Iguana! She knew that when she had her own home a pet in the house was a must.

Believe it or not, her first choice was getting a cat. I can’t fault her due to I wasn’t even born yet, and I understood why she chose a cat to share her home.

At the time, she traveled and worked out of the home and didn’t have the extra time for taking care of a dog’s needs. However with a cat, she was able to care for him and still work and travel. She got  Max that was abandon in a flat in the West Village in New York and a year later she got Min who was found as a wee kitten on the streets of Brooklyn.  Oh yes, she did travel with the kitties too! Max traveled with her to Miami, Paris and Milan and even a visit back home to Vancouver to meet Trina’s family. On the days she traveled and couldn’t bring the kitties, she got herself a cat sitter, which would come by and make sure Max was comfy and fed.

It was years later that she decided to get me! However I am so proud and lucky that she waited for the best time to bring me home to meet her cats.

Now if you find yourself thinking the exact same thing, …a dog or a cat, this paw-tastic info-graph is perfect in figuring out what’s best for you and your future pet!


should I get a cat or a dog

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