Paw Paws Dog Collar And Lead

paw paws dog collar and lead review

I must say that I love my collars and leads, they’re not just something that’s wrapped around my neck and attached to my peep when we go out. My collars are a little expression of me and my peep. The best thing about collars and leads is that they come in million of styles, shapes, colours not to mention all the different types of fabrications. How could a dog just have one? They compliment every event we do and are with us everywhere we go.

Dog collars is something every dog wears everyday. But why do we find our collars so desirable? It’s partly because they’ve become a unique outward statement of a dog’s nature, personality and what event is happening for us that day. Our lovable leads have meaning too!  For example, I have a short little lead that mean, I’m going to be on busy streets, and it’s short and sweet and I know when my peep clips that one on my collar, I have to be on my best behavior.

paw paws collar and leads

So when WishBox USA gave me this very wag cool dog collar and lead set, I already knew it was for going out and having fun! And when I do have it on, I get lots compliments about it’s perky colours, which makes my tail wag just a little bit more that usual, in fact I feel kind of frisky and cheeky when I have it on.

Paw Paws dog accessories are handmade and constructed in Greenville, South Carolina, USA and are now available here in the UK. My new dog collar and lead set comes from the Prep School collection, and is made with grosgrain ribbon sewn onto a durable nylon base, with an adjustable gauge to make sure it fits just right. It also has a quick release buckle and a D-ring to attach the lead and tags.

paw paws leads uk

The matching lead has a shiny swivel bolt that snaps onto the collar really easy. And oh, yah, their machine washable, in case you decide to rub yourself in fox poo and it gets on your collar.

How a dog collar should fit:  Fastening the collar, tighten to a point where you can comfortably slide two fingers under the collar against your dog’s neck – if you find it tight to do so the collar is too tight. The collar should be snug but not tight with your fingers under it.

About Paw Paws

Paw Paws design some of the most artistic nylon ribbon collars, leashes and harnesses that I have seen. I love their distinctive designs and colours and there are loads to choose from, in fact you could have a different one every day of the week.

You can also tell that they use high quality material and the stitching is sturdy and strong. I also really like how it feels, it’s light and comfy, perfect for an active beagles like me.

With 5 sizes to choose from, it’s easy to find your inner fun and perfect match to express your wag n’ personality!

paw paws collar uk

Where to buy

Website: Wishbox

Price: Collars: £15.99-£18.99  Leads: £17.99 -£20.99