Sammy Sparrow’s First Flight A Children’s Book That Does Good!

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I’m a big fan of Tracy Ahren and I love seeing here stories that she shares with us on Wag The Dog UK. So when Tracy told us that a children’s book called Sammy Sparrow’s First Flight was recently released last year for kids ages 2-8, and that she had written and illustrated the book we wanted to let every one know about it.  Better yet, due to Tracy’s devotion to pets,  she created the Sammy Shelter Project to help NINE area humane organizations with the book sales. Very wag cool I’d say!

Children’s book to assist area humane organizations pages

About the book

In “Sammy Sparrow’s First Flight,” a little sparrow named Sammy quickly learns why parents set rules.  Even though he was told not fly alone at night, he doesn’t listen to his parents and decides to give it a try, not realizing that as a young sparrow his wings are still to weak to fly, and ends up falling into the bushes below. The world looks scary from the ground but a friendly owl flies Sammy back home to sleep under his parents’ wings.

sammy sparrow by tracy ahrenThe story is based on Tracy Ahrens childhood years of rescuing baby sparrows that fell out of a multi-room bird house high up on a pole in a neighbor’s backyard.

About Tracy Ahrens

We have been very lucky to have Tracy write for us here at Wag The Dog UK, and it has been such a pleasure to read her stories and to get to know her.

Tracy is the author of six books, two that are designated to help humane organizations. She is a 20-plus-year veteran journalist and editor. She is also an artist who has donated pet portraits for charity events to benefit humane organizations. One portrait is on permanent display at the Cat Fanciers’ Association Foundation cat museum in Alliance, Ohio and another is displayed in the House Rabbit Society’s Rabbit Center in Richmond, Calif.

She shares her home with three cats named Joan of Arc, Forest and Jack Sparrow and Trucker who was adopted at age 5.

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How to donate

To donate to a participating rescue organization, you must use the form available for download from the Sammy Shelter Project website. By ordering through the project website, $2 from each book purchase will be donated to the organization chosen and noted on the form.

Otherwise, “Sammy Sparrow’s First Flight” can be ordered in eBook form ($5) and print form ($9.95 + $5.95) through Guardian Angel Publishing. It can also be ordered in print form through a variety of other book order sites such as Barnesandnoble, Amazon USA and Amazon UK

Check it out

website: Sammy Shelter Project

Facebook/Sammy Shelter Project