[Review] Feeling Chilly? Well Get A Doggy Coat Giveaway!

Ugh…winter, wind and rain here in London can make even the heartiest beagle a little chilly when out and about. However as you all know, I do have an image to uphold and I’m not going to put on any old doggy coat. I want something stylish that reflects my personality. If I had to choose a coat to keep me warm, I’d want something similar to what my peep wears on cold chilly days. So when my peep discovered Theo Dog Fashion and saw a very wag cool range of doggy fashion, she was more that pleased to try one of their stylish designs.

waterproof dog coatWe decided to try the Dog Eskimo coat, due to it was nice and thick, perfect for keeping me warm in all this cold weather. Better yet, it was windproof and waterproof and had a soft lining and a hood to keep my ears warm.

What did I think?

Sometimes as a beagle, it’s hard to get a doggy jacket to fit me just right. I have short little legs, a big beagle chest and a trim little waist. So usually most jackets fit me kind of funny, They’re usually to long, due to my chest size. Luckily Theo’s  Eskimo Coats came in 7 different sizes and the XL fit me perfectly.

Making it a perfect fit was easy, my coat  had a drawstring both in the hood and around the hips that can be tightened in order to keep mud, wind and rain off of me.

I loved wearing it with the hood, I pretended I was a fierce husky trolling hoodless waterproof dog jacketthe hills of Wimbledon Common, however halfway through my walk my peep removed the hood, so that I could sniff around. Removing the hood was quiet easy, due to it’s attached by snaps. When the hood is removed the coat has a collar that can be rolled up or down, I liked my collar up, due to I thought it looked cooler that way and then it was easy for my peep to attach my collar through the little hole in the back of the jacket just below the collar. You can also do this with the hood on too if you’re like me and want to tool around feeling like a lion!

I did wear it over to my local and I got loads of attention, with lots of awww… how cute!

Besides being my adorable self and all bundled up, I knew there was not another dog on the High Street that looked as wag cool as me!

About Theo Dog Fashion

Theodora Elisabet Smáradóttir started Theo Dog Fashion in 2004. With her love of design and dogs, it was the perfect combination to make a range of fashionable and edgy clothing that any dog would feel proud to wear while pawing around town.

Her inspiration for her doggy clothing came from her dog Lulli who was feeling a little chilly and didn’t like the dog coat choices that were available, sure they were functional, but he wanted style as well! So Lulli suggested that Theodora take her fashion style and skills and design a fashionable fleece hoodie for him so he could stay nice and warm  and look good.

What’s the difference between dog clothes and Theo’s dog clothes?

theo dog fashion details

  • Streetwear style, which makes them stylish, unique and very wag cool
  • She makes sure that her doggy coat range is comfortable, perfectly fitted and lasting.
  • It’s not just for tiny dogs either, she also has doggy coats for us larger dogs, and some of her styles have up to 9 sizes available.

Enter to win a Wag Cool Eskimo Jacket


One lucky dog winner will receive a Wag Cool Theo Dog Fashion Eskimo Coat(retail value up to £39 value)

How can you win? Easy! Just write-up a comment and you can get extra entries by using the Gleam form!

When does it start and end? The contest starts now. The contest ends on 10th of March 2015

Who can enter: Anyone who is a resident of the UK and over 18

One winner will be drawn at random.

Gather your pack of friends & family Spread the word and give a howl. One entry per person.
Theo Dog Fashion Giveaway

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Contact: Woof, woof

Location: Iceland (Available across Europe)

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