Tractive Pet App Helps Keep Track of Your 4-Legged Friend!

Keep track of your curious cat or adventurous dog with the Tractive GPS device.
I’m always looking for things that help us dogs out in case we get ourselves in trouble. Now as a beagle my breed is known to wander off, especially if we get a hold of a great scent, we’re duty bound to seek it out. Sometimes this may mean that I’m leaving my garden or if on a walk, I’ve gone running after that squirrel, and all my peeps yelling doesn’t register with me at all!

In fact, when I saw the Tractive pet app, I thought this would be perfect for my uncle Wallace, who loves to escape tracking apps for dogs on the goand make his own adventures. He has been known to travel miles and has even ended up in different towns all over Southern France. I promise you it drives his peeps bonkers!

Do you also have an active pet who has a penchant for wandering off? Visiting the neighbors or seeking adventure in the neighborhood? No worries, the Tractive GPS Pet Tracker will give you peace of mind.

Tractive GPS Pet Tracker is a small tracking device which you can easily attach to your pet’s collar. Together with the free Tractive Pet Manager app for both Android and iOS you can keep track of your pet, whenever and wherever you are in the world using GPS technology. By using the LIVE-Tracking mode you can watch your pet’s trail in real-time and keep track of his or her exact GPS location on a map, on your smartphone. You can even define a safe zone, which works like a virtual fence, and gets instant alerts on your smartphone if your beloved friend has wandered beyond your set boundaries. This means, fewer worries when your pet is running around outside.

And if you have a pet that’s going places, this would be a great addition to the travel pack. That way if Fido ever gets lost while on vacation, you’ll be able to track him down.

With the Tractive Pet Manager, you can also manage all important pet information directly on your smartphone. If it’s vet appointments, vaccinations, allergies or just your walks, you can have all data together and saved in one place. It’s never been easier to manage your pet’s life!

So, how do you get started?

It’s very simple!

  • Download the Tractive Pet Manager app
  • connect it to the tracking device when it’s fully loaded (before first time use the tracker has to charge approx. 2 hours).
  • Attach the tracker to the collar of your pet and start tracking.
  • Have fun and feel safe

Nice to know:

The Tractive GPS Pet Tracker is very robust and waterproof and therefore suitable for water-loving pets and for any kind of weather.  With only 35g and 41mm x 41mm x 15 mm the tracking device is easy and comfortable for pets to carry (however, recommended for pets over 4.5 kg). Tractive works in more than 80 countries and is delivered for free within Europe. The price of the GPS Tracker is only 99,99 € in the Tractive online shop.

Need to know:

The Tractive GPS Pet Tracking device communicates with the Tractive Pet Manager app and the Tractive website using cellular networks. Tractive pays the cellular data fees for you and just charge you a small service fee, starting at € 4,99 per month. There is no binding contract and you can decide to stop or restart the service at any point in time.

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About Tractive: Tractive ( develops wearables for pets and apps for pet owners and pet lovers. Aside from Tractive’s flagship product, a GPS-based pet tracking device, the company developed Tractive MOTION Pet Activity Tracker, Pet-Remote and is the owner of the pet photo platform and app Peterest. Additional products in Tractive’s portfolio are apps such as Pet BlaBla, Pet Battle and Petnames.