The Health Benefits of Premium Dry Dog Food

Health Benefits of Premium Dry Dog Food cover

Dog owners love their dogs, and most regard them as family members, rather than just pets. They want their dogs to be cheery, healthy, and live long, fulfilled lives, just as they do any other member of the family. Smart dog owners know the best way to achieve this starts with a healthy diet.


A nutritional diet is just as important for animals as it is for people. A balanced diet means better digestion, proper weight, more energy, and a happier dog with a vigorous immune system. These factors lead to a dog’s longevity. But, as it does with people, a dog’s overall physical fitness starts with oral health–that is, he needs strong teeth to chew his food enough to ensure proper digestion.


Dry Food vs Canned


Benefits of Premium Dry Dog FoodThe health benefits of premium dry dog food: an important reason to feed a dog premium dry food is to protect his teeth. While Fido probably prefers yummy canned food, he doesn’t realise that a steady diet of it might be bad for his teeth. Canned food is predominately 75% water and rather mushy. In comparison, dry food is not only more nutritional per serving (at around only 10% water), but it promotes strong gums and teeth by providing resistance when chewed. It also creates a certain scraping action that helps keep a dog’s teeth clean. This is important in fighting plaque–often resulting from too much wet food– which can eventually cause tooth decay, as it hardens and turns into tarter.


Chew Toys


health bebefit of dog chewsDogs are natural chewers; they can spend hours gnawing on things. Chew toys help promote strong teeth, and save  the furniture. When purchasing chew toys, however, one should consider the needs of the dog. After all, a Poodle might like a raw hide bone meant for a Great Dane, but he could fracture his tiny teeth chewing on it.

  • Rawhide: Dogs enjoy rawhide treats, but owners should be careful what they purchase; many are chemically treated, causing GI issues. Some are just too hard to chew. Ask a vet which brand he recommends.
  • Beef pizzles and tracheias: Dogs love them! They last a long time, but can be costly (and smelly).
  • Chew-snacks: “Milkbones” and “Greenies” are great, but they go fast.

Brush Those Teeth!

Pooches have plaque problems. Help them brush. While a regular toothbrush will work, regular toothpaste won’t. Use toothpaste and brushes designed for canines. Most like the attention, but some dogs are stubborn. Use a corner for extra control, or ask a dog groomer–some include teeth brushing services.

Fresh Breath

healthy dog breath

Chew-snacks can help freshen breath, as well as clean teeth. Mouth rinses and dental water additives will help deter bacteria, strengthen teeth, and curb “doggie breath.”

See the Vet

health benefits for visiting betLike people, dogs need regular check-ups. Barring there are no health issues, dogs should see a vet at least once a year up to the age of six, then at least twice a year as they get older. But different dogs have different needs, and a veterinarian will recommend how many visits are needed. They will also inspect Fido’s teeth, make an assessment of their condition, and make recommendations. A vet can also clean teeth; some may specialise in dentistry–including surgery.

Healthy dogs are happy and live longer. Remember that  premium dry dog food is essential in keeping canines free of allergies, digestive issues, and, especially, dental problems.  Brown’s Pet Range supplies the health benefits of premium dry dog food that keeps dogs hearty, lively, and an enduring member of the family.