A Tasty Review & Giveaway Of Pure Turkey Terrific Dog Food!

pure dog food turkey review

Next to pee mail, I love my email and I got great one the other day from Mat at Pure Dog Food. He’s the dog loving guy at Pure who makes natural dehydrated dog food taste good. If you remember we did a epic review of his Pure dog food chicken mix.

Well since then he and his partner have been back in the kitchen cooking up a new recipe with turkey. Turkey is good for all dogs life stages, young, old, active, social, you get the idea. However it’s also good for dogs prone to allergies and intolerance’s or for dogs that are watching their weight. It’s grain free too! And if you have a fussy dog, well I think a tasty bowl of Turkey Terrific will make him gobble up his dinner in no time!

So What’s in Turkey Terrific Dog Food?

Well it starts off with complete human quality food that has been balanced for a complete meal for dogs made right here in the UK.

Check out the ingredients…

Turkey (20%)

Potato, Parsnips, Carrot

Beef Liver (8%)

Green Beans, Apple, Cabbage


 Why Dehydrate Dog Food?

Dehydration gently preserves the food, by removing the moisture but retaining the nutrients and goodness found in the fresh and raw ingredients that they use. By lightly heating the meat just enough to remove anything harmful and then adding fresh fruit and veggies their recipes are slowly dehydrated to lock in all the healthy tasty benefits.

Serving up Pure Turkey Terrific Dog Food

It’s as easy as 1, 2 ,3…yum!

1.pure turkey dog foodMix food with warm tap water.

2.pure turkey dog food with water
Stir well, and allow about 10 to 15 minutes for the food to rehydrate.

3.stir pure dog foodCall your pooch for dinner and serve!

Taste Test

Well I’ve been howling all day to get my choppers on that tasty bowl that my peep just made. Once she poured the warm water on it, my little nose started twitching! It sure smells good, that’s for sure.

Enough is enough, I’ve done my beagle dance and I’m about ready for dinner!

It’s great and I licked my bowl clean! Besides my peep’s home cooking, this is a winner. I do have to admit I can be a fussy beagle, keep the can food away from me, it’s not my style. Pure Pet food, tastes great and their  turkey dinner is not just for Christmas! I’m sure your dog won’t fuss a bit, if he got a little taste!

Could you have a fussy dog?

adjective: fussy; comparative adjective: fussier; superlative adjective: fussiest

fastidious about one’s needs or requirements; hard to please.
“he is very fussy about what he eats”
synonyms: finicky, particular, over-particular, fastidious, discriminating, selective, dainty, punctilious;

Enter our Fussy Dog Giveaway!

One lucky dog winner will receive a month’s supply of Pure Pet Food Turkey Terrific (retail value up to £33 value)

How can you win? Easy! Just tell us how “fussy” your dog is in the comments below and then rate them from 1 to 10! Easy peasy! Also you can get extra entries by using the Gleam form!

When does it start and end? The contest starts now. The contest ends on 20th of March 2015

Who can enter: Anyone who is a resident of the UK and over 18

One winner will be drawn at random.

Gather your pack of friends & family Spread the word and give a howl. One entry per person.

Pure Pet Food

Check them out

Website: Pure Pet Food


Twitter @purepetfood

Location: United Kingdom

Ring, Ring: 020 3326 2970
Love notes: hello@purepetfood.co.uk

You can purchase a taster of 60g for under £2

Larger bags from 500g, 2kg, 4kg that makes over 2kg, 8kg, 16kg (£9.99 to £49.99)

Disclaimer: We would like to thank Pure Pet Food for letting us review their Chicken dinner for this post. All comments, views and options are strictly our own.