I Love Skipper’s Handmade Scrumptious Fish Treats [ Review & Giveaway ]

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I love fish any which way, for dinner, a chew or best of all in a scrumptious, divine, flavorsome treat! Fish treats are amazing and I just can’t get enough of them.

But not all fish treats are created equal and any treat loving dog will know the difference! That’s why we love Skipper’s dog treats, and I have been chopping on them since I moved to the UK.  Did you know they are the only company that naturally dry their products over several days keeping in all the goodness, vitamins and intrinsic values in tact. This makes the fish treats last longer and makes them a quality product than those that have been quickly blasted in the oven for just a few hours. I believe your dog will see, taste and smell the difference.

My Top Favorites!

fish treat biscuits for dogsWhite Fish & Potato Biscuits: They’re munchy, pungent and savory! The aroma drives me wild and they taste divine. I’d eat the whole bag if my peep would let me. Did you know that theses are also perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs or watching their weight, these biscuits contain less  than 1% fat! [Containing 55% fish sustainably sourced and supplied by fish merchants in the UK, they’re a fantastic source of vital Omega 3 oils, important for keeping your dogs skin, coat, eyes and heart in top condition.]

Fish Shape Training Treats: As you know I am a professional beagle model for Wag The Dog UK and I am always working, giving my best looks for the fish shaped dog treatscamera, it’s hard work and I need to be paid! These little fishes are a perfect reward and considering they are tiny my peep will let me have a few at a time while posing for the camera. Made with gently steamed fish (80%), they’re a delicious treat for walkies or training.


Fish Skin Flatties: Snap crackle smack! This is the royal treat! My peep will give this to me when I’m a very good beagle! Made from 100% air-dried fish skins, all completely natural, and nutritious without any added colour, flavours or preservatives. Considering that they are made from fish skin, these little flatties contain 87% protein and incredibly low in fat, they’re also a fantastic source for Omega 3. A perfect chew while hanging out with my peep.

fish skin treats for dogs

fish cube dog treatsThe classic Fish Cube Treat: Now I am sure you have seen these before and if you ever let your dog try them, you’ll know just how much I love them! Skipper’s fishy treats are made from 100% fish skins that are air-dried to keep in all of the natural goodness! Wheat-Gluten Free and Hypoallergenic that make great treat for sensitive dogs.

Luxury White Fish Cubes: Fancy little bite size treats from heaven made from whitefish and packed with over 90% protein. Did you know that these crunchy cubes have a rough texture that helps to remove tartar and keep teeth clean and healthy! Now that’s how I like to clean my teeth!fish treats that clean teeth


About Skipper’s Fish Treats

Skipper’s Pet Products is a UK company located in Grimsby, founded by Steve Moore and Rod Hine, both of whom have a long history with the local fish industry. But the brains behind the business comes by Skipper, the resident taste tester on all their products. He may be a pup, but he sure knows about making fish treats tasty!

How cute is he!

skipper the fish treat tasterAll of Skipper’s fish products are sourced from sustainable fisheries made with human-grade fish and bursting with protein and high in natural Omega 3 oils.

Skipper’s treats are made using only natural ingredients, usually just fish (their fish biscuits contain fresh potatoes). They dry their fish slowly over several days, which ensures that the fish treats keep their proteins and wholesome goodness.

Dogs Love Fish

Fish and seafood are super protein sources for dogs. Fish is low in saturated fats, so it’s perfect for dogs that are watching their figure.  Fish is also loaded with Omega oils and essential fatty acids which don’t occur naturally in your dog’s digestive system. So a few fish treats added to their daily diet can be a big health benefit!

Omega oils 3 and 6 have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, meaning they’re great for joints and general mobility.

Growth & Development: The oils and fatty acids inherent in fish are vital in all-round development, particularly of the eyes and internal organs, and also boost a growing immune system.

Joints & Mobility: The antioxidant qualities also help to boost stamina and lessen inflammation in painful joints – keeping your four legged friend bouncing with health.

Digestion: Fish is easily digestible, thereby lessening the workload on your dog’s internal organs, or over-loading their digestive system the way that some protein-rich meats can.

Skin & Coat: Natural fish treats provide a great supplement of vital minerals to promote healthy skin and a glistening coat. Fish oils also provide moisture to dry, irritated skin, meaning decreased shedding and giving relief from many common skin-itching complaints.

Older Dogs: helps alleviate inflammation and suppresses adverse immune reaction – ideally suited to adult and older dogs, particularly our White Fish and Potato products, which are easily metabolised for efficient body-functioning.

All of their dried fish products are free from cereals, grain, additives, allergens, colours, and flavourings.  Made simply with fish and veg, they are  pressed, dried, packed and ready to go!  Hypoallergenic, wholesome and full of natural aroma goodness.

What Did I Think?why maggie the dog loves fish

Now that’s a silly question! I love fish, and I love my fish treats every which way I can get my paws on them. I am just so pleased that they are also full of goodness and made locally by fish loving peeps! If your dog hasn’t tried fish yet, why not pop on over to Skipper’s and check out their whole range of pet treats and food. Yup that’s right they also make a great kibble and if your into BARF, you’ll love their fishy selection too!

Enter our Scrumptious Fish Treat Giveaway!

Two lucky dog winners will receive a gift basket full of Skipper’s flavorsome dog treats (retail value £30)

How can you win? Easy! Just tell us if your dog has ever tried a fishy treat!  Also you can get extra entries by using the Gleam form!

When does it start and end? The contest starts now. The contest ends on 25th of March 2015

Who can enter: Anyone who is a resident of the UK and over 18

Two winner will be drawn at random.

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Skipper’s Scrumptious Fish Treat Giveaway

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Location: Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, United Kingdom