A Pug Lover’s Dream And Cozy Gift Idea

pug lover gift idea

Some of my best pals are pugs, and I just love their quirky ways.  They’re great to go sniffing around to find something tasty to eat as they are just as passionate about food as I am and not fussy about what they can put in their mouths either.

Pugs are very clever, smart and stubborn enough to figure out how to get their own way and usually that’s sleeping right beside you in bed.

They can be bossy, stubborn, and full of naughtiness.

But best of all they are one of the most affectionate and overtly loving breeds and nothing is sweeter than hearing a snorting, snoring pug cuddled up by your side.

I can see why peeps become pug lover’s, they’re just so comically cute with those big bug eyes and wrinkles.  They’re social, quirky and intensely loyal no wonder these squishy face dogs are a popular breed.

Dog Dienstag!

Did you know that a beagle and pug cross is called a puggle……

I guess your wondering why a beagle would be praising a pug, but you’d be surprised on how many pug lover’s I know, and in fact I have a little girl that’s coming to visit and she is the queen of pug lover’s and I can’t wait until she see’s her room and new duvet set.

And if you have a friend who’s just bonkers for pugs and looking for a unique gift idea that wraps them into pug sweet dreams, check out this little find.


Pug Lover Gift Idea

pug duvet with beagel


I could hear my peep putting the pug cover over her duvet and fluffing the pillows and I couldn’t wait to get my beagle paws onto those nice soft clean sheets. But when I walked into the room the biggest pug in the world was already sleeping there, and that pug had two little friends too!

I have to admit, I was a little nervous about jumping up on the bed with all those pugs looking at me. Where did these dogs come from and why are they on my bed? Yes they looked that real.

However my peep assured me that these pugs staring at me from the white duvet cover and pillowcases were printspug lover pillow gift from an actual photograph. Yes the detail  is that real because the photographic print design gives it a clearer and sharper image than a normal print.

I gathered my beagle courage and finally jumped up and had a sniff around, and decided that the only way to be sure was to lay down on this pug’s mug. I can’t wait to get under the covers and dream of chasing pugs in the common!

About the Pug duvet cover and pillow set

Material: 52% polyester 48% cotton

Machine washable

Includes duvet Cover and two pillowcases with double

The design can also be purchase as a single or king. They also have a few other designs of pugs looking very wag cool, so check them out and grab a set for your inner pug lover!

Check them Out

Coupon code this weekend: 10% Off with promo code:  NEW10

Website: Tony’s Textiles


Twitter: @Tonys_Textiles

Location: United Kingdom

Price: £11.95 -£19.95