Berry Clever Pets [ Interview & Review]

Berry clever website review

I wanted to share with you a very wag cool website called Berry Clever Pets that I recently found while sniffing around the interwebs. It’s a website especially for pet owners who are looking to buy the perfect products for their beloved pets.

As any pet owner knows it’s incredibly important to ensure that the products that you buy for your furry friends are the right products suited to keep your pets happy, healthy and content. Berry Clever Pets helps pet owners find the perfect product for their beloved pets by connecting with people they can trust who have reviewed the very same products that a pet owner is thinking of purchasing themselves.

Berry clever pets website how it works

You can…

see product reviews

hints and tips from friends on the site

Enjoy their blog

Create your own personal list and leave your reviews on products that you have tried yourself.

We thought this was great idea and wanted to know more about these very berry clever peeps, so we decided to ask Parker a Coton du Tulear  who’s only a wee pup,  and his peep Emma Kafton, one of the founders of We wanted to know more about the site and get a little doggy advice too.


Berry clever dog parkerHi Parker, thank you for the interview, can you please tell my reader’s a little about yourself?

Besides being simply adorable, I make sure that I give my peeps nothing but love. As you can see my pigment in my nose did not come through so it’s a gorgeous little pink nose that I love using to sniff things out, thus how I got my name Parker as in nosy Parker.

My colleague Lazlo is also a Coton du Tulear too, and he loves coming to the office. He’s a product tester berry clever pets lazlohere at Berry Clever Pets and he is an expert in squeaky toys.

So I take it that your office is dog friendly too!

Absolutely! In fact if there is a day when either myself or Lazlo are not in the office it’s way too quiet and the peeps really miss us. The companionship of a dog is like nothing else in the world and so it’s lovely to work in an environment where dogs are part of the work family. We’re also really lucky that our office is very close to a park so we can take the peeps out for a good old run around during the day.

berry clever dog friendly office walks

The Coton de Tuléar is a breed of small dog named for the city of Tuléar in Madagascar and for its cotton-like coat. The Coton is a playful, affectionate, intelligent breed. Cotons are known to have a habit of jumping up and walking on their hind legs to please people. Most Cotons love meeting new people and are very curious in new situations…

Emma, What made you decide to create Berry Clever Pets?

As a pet owner I understand that people prefer recommendations from people they know and trust when buying products for their beloved pets. We carried out a survey that found that 76 people out of 100 surveyed bought products based on a friend’s recommendation.
Our site gives our members the ability to share tips about products they love (or don’t) with others, as well as reading tips from people they know or are similar to. The site’s unique algorithm ranks products based on your own social profile – so the products you see will be perfectly tailored for you. We also wanted to make the whole experience fun!

How long has Berry Clever Pets been around?

We only launched the website in September 2014 so we are still very new but we have been thrilled at how quickly the community is growing. I think that people find it hard to trust the anonymous reviews found on retail sites on the internet. Our reviews, hints and tips come from a community of other devoted pet owners and the response to this has been fantastic.

Thanks so much for letting my readers know about your paw-some site.I really like that you’re a community review site and that you don’t sell products yourselves. After seeing the reviews,  members can buy products directly from the site through their Amazon account or from the retailer itself.

Another thing too that I liked about this growing company is that they love to hear from their members or anyone interested in the site with feedback, comments or suggestions on how to make the site even better. It’s important to them that the content on Berry Clever Pets belongs to the members, so if there is something else they want to see or do, they are always really keen to hear it!

Be sure to check out my peep’s list too! Wag N Go Berry Clever Pets List

Before you go, I just have a couple of favourite questions, that I love to ask all dog lovers.

Best advice for travelling with a dog?

Be prepared! There are so many fantastic products available. I always have a big blanket for after those muddy and wet walks, a first aid kit for any little mishaps and a collapsible water bowl is invaluable. We have a useful list of products on our site for travelling with a dog.
Check out the list here: Dog Travel List

About the bond with your pet? What can you say about them?

I have had several dogs and find it really hard to live without one. People who don’t have dogs often don’t understand the incredible bond and relationship that develops between a dog and their owner. They are family. Parker brings us all so much love and watching him grow and develop is such a joy. There is nothing I love more than snuggling on my sofa with my kids and our pup!

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