The Joy Of Plants, Open House, Beagle Style

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Last Friday I was invited to an open house to view a living and breathing environment where every room was decorated in beautiful plants. The Joy of Plants thought it would be a great idea for me to come meet them and learn more about plants in the home. I wanted to learn which plants are safe for pets and talk to the very experts in all things plants and design.  And what better place to go than a Green Open House?

About Green Open House

The green open house, was created to showcase three of the trendiest houseplant ideas for 2015

Eco Luxe

joy of plants eco style

Which is a way to make your home feel luxurious and environmentally friendly at the same time. Think simplicity, natural and spaciousness.


Unexpected Wild

joy of plants wild mix

Rooms are filled with a robust and easy feel, yet still feel cosy. Think simple and natural.

Happy Life

joy of plants happy trend

I have to say happy was my favorite, I loved the bright colours and it felt like spring was just burst through every corner of the room.

My beagle thoughts…

plants in the looEach room was beautifully styled to inspire everyone who attended and help them imagine how houseplants can  transform their own homes very simply.  I was very excited to check out all the rooms and learn ways I could have plants in my house that were either safe if near my nose or found exciting ways to add a little green to my home in a different way.

My peep really loved the idea of hanging wall plants and decorating on high ledges or a wall mounted shelf if pets were afoot. The hanging plants on the ceiling in the loo was very thrilling indeed, I’d like to see a cat try and grab those.

As I sniffed around, my peep tired a few of the workshops and found how easy it was to take simple plants, a wooden box and a little creativity to make a stunning design for our home.

how to decorate your home with plants

I have to say it looks wonderful in our window box and does add a little colour to our home. I’d like to thank Ian from Indoor Garden design for helping my peep turn her hot pink thumbs a little green. We really liked the tips on how to decorate a home in a way that is safe for pets. You should check out his very wag cool website too!

The Joy Of Plants

The Joy of Plants is an initiative of The Flower Council of Holland and lets consumers experience that you feel better with plants around you.

Their website is amazing and is a great place to…

Learn about all things plant.

Home decor and DIY projects that will really add a wow to your home.

There’s even sections in regards to plants with fashion, food and care. My favourite tip was learning about houseplants that clean the air.

Now I’m not much of a plant muncher, I usually stick to grass, however it’s always nice to know  about Pet Friendly Plants if you’re thinking of adding a little green to your home.

Do you have plants in your home?