Boing, Crinkits, & Veggout This Summer’s Must Have Dog Toys

zigoo pet toys review

I’m always on the hunt on sniffing out great products that dogs will truly love. And considering during this spring my peep threw out most of my raggedy and chewed up toys, I wanted to find some new toys that we could take out and about during our walks.

I wondered on over to Wishbox USA to see what new products they’d have for dogs. Wishbox is an online shop that brings wag cool products from over the pond. Lucky for me they just made available Zigoo’s interactive dog toys which are durable, fun and easy to clean too!

I think they are the must have toys for summer. They’re bright and even float, so perfect for tossing in a pond or having a play at the beach. Check out my thoughts and then enter to win a set of Zigoo toys for yourself!



Crinkit dog toy in UK

One of my favourite toys in the whole wide world is an empty water bottle, it really makes the best sound when you crunch on it and I love trying to get the lid off too! If you love water bottles as much as I do but chew them to bits I’d recommend that you check out Crinkits

Crinkits is designed to provide a durable protective barrier around a water bottle, perfect for the tough chewers out there (you know who you are). You can even use it as a treat dispenser by putting a smaller bottle inside and then adding treats on the end where you insert the bottle. Trust me when I say your dog will go crazy for this!

But the best thing I liked about it was that it floats, and would make an excellent toy this summer while hanging out at the beach. Don’t worry, it weights enough so that your peep can give it a good toss in the ocean for you to fetch.

Easy to use

  1. Grab any 16oz water bottle (most of them fit, think slim!)
  2. Secure the cap on tightly so that it’s easier to slide into the dog toy
  3. Insert a few treats at the end.

Tip: Having trouble putting in the bottle?

Add a little olive oil over the empty water bottle to help with inserting or taking out the bottle.


My thoughts?

crinkit for active uk dogs

It was a little big for me; however a few of my big dog friends really enjoyed it and had a blast when we started to toss it into the lake. When we brought it home, it still looked great, which considering my peep didn’t photograph it until after my mates had a go at it we could tell it was made of good stuff.

The only thing we found hard was trying to take the bottle out. But the good news was that the bottle was still in great shape, so there really wasn’t a need to remove it anyways.

I think it’s perfect for outdoor play and if you have a dog a little larger than me, or a rough and tumble tike this might be perfect.


veggout dog toy uk

No it’s not a meditation dog toy that puts your pup in a Zen like state; it’s actually quite the opposite! This snazzy little dog toy is designed to hold your dog’s attention and stimulate their mind. It’s called Veggout because you are supposed to stuff it with baby carrots, but you can stuff it with anything your dog will crave!

It’s great for

  • Fights boredom
  • Perfect for the carrot loving dog
  • Freezer treats for the summer

My thoughts

I thought it was very wag cool and it entertained me for hours that I almost forgot about me peep on the computer. I’m not a fan of carrots, but I do love my peanut butter and beef tripe sticks, and that was exactly what my peep put in mine.

This summer she is going to put in my peanut butter yoghurt mix and pop it in the freezer so that I can have a cool and tasty treat to help keep me cool.


boing dog toy uk

What on earth is that, was my very first thought, my second thought was where do you put the treats. But it’s not that at all, it’s like a deconstructed bouncy ball that stretches when you pull on it, bounces around when it gets tossed and well, it’s kind of bonkers.

I’m not much of a tugger, but you can engage with me with a little fetch and the Boing was very easy see and pick up. I also liked it when my peep dangled it in front of my nose, I kept trying to catch it and give it bite. I also have to say it makes a good chew toy too!

About Zigoo

Zigoo is a dog manufacturing company located in the USA. Their company was started by their clever dog Snoopy and his love for water bottles. From there, his peep started designing unique toys dogs love and now they are available here in the UK!

Wanna Play?

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When does it start and end? The contest starts now. The contest ends on 11th of May 2015

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