[Review] Meaty Sweeties Low Calorie Treats By Pure Food

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As you know, we’re a big fan of Pure Pet food a manufacturer of naturally dehydrated dog food. We thought their human grade dog food was perfect when your travelling with your pooch and need to bring some healthy food for your dog’s dinner.

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So when I heard that Pure Pet Food was back in the kitchen baking up some treats, I knew that I had to get my paws and choppers on these little gems.They’re called Meaty Sweeties, which already got me all excited, there is nothing better than a meaty treat! Even better, they’re low calorie, which means my peep will let me have an extra one or two and I don’t have to worry about my waist line.

meaty sweeties low calorie dog treats by pure pet foodAbout Meat Sweeties

Nowadays, many peeps are very particular and concerned about what ingredients are in the dog treats that they buy for the furry mates. My peep is too. Meaty Sweeties are made with nothing but fresh human grade ingredients and made right here in the UK.

What does it mean? Pure Pet Food uses familiar ingredients used by humans in their food. There are no flavor enhancers added.

We tried their Duck and Apple treat, which is a healthy low calorie treat which contains coconut oil that has been shown to improve your skin and coat condition, prevent infections, and helps promote a healthy metabolism.

The treats are about the size of a 10 pence coin, and are kinda of soft, but not squishy. They also have these little tasty crumbly bits on top too so they really do look delicious!

What my peep really liked about them was what they didn’t contain.
meaty sweeties low cal do not contain

Rendered meats or derivatives

Wheat, corn or soya

Colours, taste enhancers, sweeteners

or any other nasty un-natural bits.

Taste test

maggie eating low calorie dog treats

I have to say Meaty Sweeties are a truly unique dog treat, It’s like a little luxury truffle with a good chew.  Very fancy I’d say. The best is that these treats have been made by Pure Pet Food’s dehydration process which naturally preserves the food by removing the moisture. What you get is a treat retaining the nutrients and goodness found in the fresh and raw ingredients they use in their low calorie treat recipes.

Duck + Apple Dog Treats

Duck (25%): Duck is a brilliant source of vitamin B12, selenium and zinc making it a great food for cancer protection and the prevention of ear infections. Perfect for floppy eared dogs like me.

Apple (10%): Apple is a good source of fibre which is great for digestion. They also contain phyto-nutrients such as quercetin and catechin which are strong antioxidants.

Pure Pet food low calorie dog treats

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Meaty Sweeties Dog Treat Giveaway

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Disclaimer: We would like to thank Pure Pet Food who provided Maggie a box of Meaty Sweeties.Wag The Dog UK only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Pure Pet Food  will be responsible for the prize giveaway.