Bark Beats Monthly Subscription Box for Dogs [Dog Product Review]

bark beat review cover

Knock, knock…

Who’s there?

It’s Bark Beats for the dog of the house…

Ahrooo…that’s me!

Wow what a dog wagging surprize! Hurry up peep…open my box and see what I got!

About Bark Beats

Now I have to admit, I have been a very lucky beagle and have had my paws in a few doggy subscription boxes, some I’ve loved and shared it on my website, others, I haven’t. They were not my thing, if you know what I mean. Some of them had stuff that my peep didn’t like, so she felt it wasn’t for us.

With all the choices out there, you’ve got to know what you like and what you want to try. What we like in a subscription dog box are 3 important things, good quality products, new and exciting things that you can’t normally get on the high street, and fun toys and tasty treats! Okay maybe that’s four.

So when we got Barkbeats, both of us were very excited to see what treasures were inside. Bark Beats delivers a box  to your door with a variety of high quality, hand-picked and well reviewed products for your pooch. And each box is tailored to the size of your dog, so that everything is a perfect fit.

Our box contains

HovHov Natural cookies

HovHov dog treats

Woof! Woof!, I loved these little baked turkey liver and basil cookies! All natural ingredients and a nice crunch too! My peep thought they were super cute, due to they are shaped as little bones, dog houses and little dogs. I have to admit I loved chopping on the dogs, besides being tasty, they don’t bite back.

Barks & Sparks Brownie

bark beat brownie for dogs

Now we’re talking! Brownies are one of my peeps favourite treats, and it’s something she can’t share with me due to all the chocolate, which as you know is not good for any dog. So when she danced this huge brownie in my face and said I could have it…whoo, hoo, I knew I couldn’t wait.

Barks & Sparks brownie is made with chicken liver and carob bean and then they cover it in a yoghurt frosting! Do I really need to say more?

Trixie Roller-Pop

trixie roller pop in bark beats box

I’m known as a kiss bandit, and I love licking everything and everyone so having a treat that let’s me do just that, seems perfect for me. It’s a snack too, made of tasty salmon, and my peep will pop it out of her pocket and let me have a lick or two, when we’re practicing my “here” command. I promise, I’ve been a lot better now that I get rewarded with a couple of licks.

Busy Buddy Waggle

bark beats toy selection

Yes, it is one of those toys. You know the ones, you put treats in and then watch as your dog tries to get them out. This purple wonder has a flexible middle that wags back and forth while playing. My peep filled in each of the balls with treats and I spent some time getting them out!

Arquizoo Wipes

cleaning product in dog subscription box

Well all dogs need to be kept neat and tidy between baths, and having wipes are always useful. My peep uses these for my face and ears. They’re hypoallergenic and formulated with healing characteristics, perfect for my floppy ears.

How it works

bark beat dog boxes maggie
  • Tell them the size of your dog, and they’ll tailor the box to your pooch
  • Each monthly box contains 5 to 6 premium products 
  • All Top quality brands and full size treats, toys and more!
bark beats delievery
  • Choose a plan: month-to-month, six months or for the whole year.
  • You can cancel or pause your subscription any time via e-mail
  • If you register between the 1st and the 23rd, you will receive the box the last week of that month. If you register after the 23rd, you will receive the box the following month

bark beat dog subscription

  • Try new products, save money and have your dog love your mailman every month
  • They ship your order free with Royal Mail

What did I think?

Well first I love, love, love that they give back.  Bark Beats donates at least 10% of their profits to animal charity organizations.  Here at Wag The Dog UK, we believe that lucky dogs that get wonderful treats and loving homes, should help their less fortunate pups any way they can.

As you can see, our Bark Beats Box contained some great things that we loved. My peep loved being introduced to HovHov natural cookies. Even thought the Busy Buddy Waggle was fun the first time I played with it, I have to admit I’m not a big fan of these type of toys, so we’ve added it to our shelter box to help pups in need. But hey, that’s just me and all dogs are uniquely different, so you might have a pup that would love it. That is the thing about subscription boxes.
All in all I can give it a paws up for the treats, and doggy wipes are great and we have already popped them into our Wag N Go bag.  Also keep an eye on your subscription, because the plan renews automatically, but you may cancel anytime with a simple email.

Bark Beats review of treats

A one month plan costs £14.90 and a 6 month subscription brings the price down to £13.90 and if you treat your dog for a whole year, the price is £13.50 per box all with free shipping.

Now I need to go and find out where my peep hid my HovHov cookies, there is a little dog I want to bite!



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