Packed My Wag N Go For A Pet Friendly Cornwall Adventure

There is nothing better than a little getaway, and that is exactly what were doing tomorrow! I’ve packed my Wag N Go and I’m sniffing out pet friendly Cornwall. I’m taking Wag N Go on the road to see how pet friendly a hotel or cottage can be. I want to see the sights and I want to enjoy being a dog on the go.

So sit back, relax and grab your favourite chew this summer, while I howl about some paw-some places that you’ll want to take your two-legged peep!

As all dogs who are going places know, it’s important to be prepared, check out how we’ve plan our little pet friendly Cornwall vacation! Make sure you check back here for our updates and follow us on Twitter with #wagngo #petfriendly & #merchanthouse with live updates!

Where to stay

dog friendly merchant house cornwall

Well the first thing is to find a place that’s pet friendly, but somewhere that my peep would like to stay as well.  My peep likes to stay in historical places and she likes them small cosy and special. Lucky for us we were introduced to Merchant House in Truro a pet friendly hotel.

Second we made sure that the location of the hotel was in a good spot and near places that are pets can enjoy! We want fun walks, good places for the peeps to eat and drink, and also a comfortable place for our business.

Sure it can be easy to find a pet friendly hotel these days, but what makes a truly pet friendly hotel is the location and services that not only makes your dog happy, but you too! There is no fun, if all the dog can do is hang out in a hotel room.

What we like about Merchant House

  • Dogs are allowed in the lounge and bar, perfect for a late night glass of wine with my peep.
  • They only charge £10 per dog per night and up to two dogs can stay in their dog-friendly rooms. So if you have a BFF (Best Furry Friend), bring them too!
  • They supply bowls and treats!
  • Helpful staff are on hand to give you tips about the best places to take dogs.

We’re really looking forward to staying and reviewing everything Merchant House has to offer. Be sure to check back for our review!

Kit out the car

pet friendly travel equipment

Considering we’re going to make this a road trip so we can enjoy the beautiful drive down to pet friendly Cornwall, it’s important that I’m not only comfortable on my journey but safe as well. No one wants a bopping beagle in a car, and trust me I want to feel secure too!

We are going to be traveling with Kurgo products

First to keep me comfy, we are using the Kurgo wander hammock.  The Wander Hammock will not only protect my peep’s seat from my fur, it’s also waterproof, stain resistant and washable. The hammock will keep me a tucked in the back seat, and if there was a sudden break I won’t fall down into the foot well.

We also got the Tru-Fit Smart Harness which is an adjustable seat belt harness for dogs with a padded chest plate which will keep me safe and comfortable while in the car. It’s been dynamically tested and engineered to fit with the car seat-belts and feel comfortable on my body too. The harness can also be used out side the car as well by clipping my lead to the ring.  Perfect for pee breaks during my travels!

We’ll be reviewing these too and offering a chance to win your own set of pet travel safety gear.

What to bring

Our little getaway is for two nights, so I am going to need:

Something to sleep on

A towel in case I get muddy or wet

My meals few treats & chew,

Something to play with like my old teddy.

How I pack

wag n go pet friendly

Well I’m a Wag N Go dog, so all my stuff fits neatly into my bag. Wag N Go is ideal for any dog who loves embarking (pardon the pun) on exciting adventures with their peeps.

I’ve got my blanket, which is large enough for me to cuddle on and is perfect to toss on a sofa or bed so I don’t mess up the place. When your staying at hotels or at a friends house, it’s important that you don’t make a mess and you’re on your best behavior!

My two fresh-seal bowls will be housing my lamb burgers and kibble.  My peep likes to make easy to travel meals and our lamb burgers fit perfectly into my container. She’s making the burgers today, and will pop them into my Wag N Go containers and freeze them overnight, so when we arrive, they will be fresh and ready to serve. If you think it sounds tasty make sure you check back for the recipe!

I also have my travel bowl and water bottle for water breaks along the way.

My peep also tucked in my pet passport. Yes I know we’re not travelling internationally, but the reason she brings it, is because it has all my information and jab history. Good in case I need to see a vet in an emergency. But paws crossed that does not happen.

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Bon voyage! Be sure to come back and check out my travels. Better yet why not sign up to my Newsletter to keep you up to date on all things wagging!