Part 1: On My Way To Dog Friendly Cornwall

dog friendly cornwall cover

I have to say my drive down to dog friendly Cornwall was comfy as you like. We started off early and I have to admit, my peep had to drag me out of bed due to we started the day at 4:30 in the morning. Not a howling time to get up, and believe it or not I had to watch my peep drink coffee, so that she could speak and get a move on without having breakfast!

packed up for our dog friendly trip to cornwallTraveling By Car

Now your probably wondering why on earth I didn’t get breakfast, at least I was thinking about that considering it’s usually what happens first thing every morning. As you know, dogs are a creature of habit, and that’s how the schedule works in our house, coffee for peep, breakfast for me, but not this morning.

When we’re travelling by car long distance, my peep tries not to feed me at least 4 hours before we hop into the car. Considering this trip started at 5 AM in the morning  that meant I was skipping breakfast all together.

My peep does this because, some dogs, including myself can get a little motion sickness, and a full tummy full of grub rumbling around my tum just doesn’t feel great if you know what I mean. So we, she decided that when we arrive at Merchant House, she’d feed me one of my lamb burgers, which is high in protein.

Safety First

My peep got my ride ready by using Kurgo dog travel products. We used their Tru-Fit Smart Harness and the Wander Hammock to keep me secure and then my peep tossed in my Wag N Go dog blanket to keep me content.

Believe it or not some people think my peep is a bit obsessive  with all the gear she puts in the back seat of the car, but think about would happen if the car had to suddenly break or even worse crash.

My Harness and Hammock will:

  • Protect me, by keeping me from hitting the windshield or flying out of the car
  • Protects you from being hit by a flying dog
  • Prevent accidental mess from my fur or if I get ill

However I will chat more about Kurgo dog travel products in a full review later, I’m still road testing it and will give a full wag report.

Arrival Day

We finally arrived safe and sound at Merchant House a dog friendly hotel which is located in Truro and is basically smack in the middle of all things dog friendly in Cornwall.

Yes, I was starving and was glad that my Wag N Go bag was packed up with food. Considering the Merchant House is a top dog friendly hotel, where the staff has been trained by a very clever dog named Murphy we were instantly greeted with smiles and wags.

Nicky who helps run the hotel with Murphy brought me over some water while my peep whipped up a little breakfast right there in the lounge. I have to say it feels really good to be welcomed so nicely when you stay at a hotel. We dogs like to be noticed and feel welcomed too.

And Murphy knew just what a dog needs when arriving for a Cornwall adventure. Our pet friendly room had everything a dog needs, easy access to the great outdoors, room for our bowls and gear, and information tailored just for us dogs looking for things to do on our holiday. Plus the dog treats and poo bags were a tasty added bonus. That would be the treats, not the poo bags!

dog friendly hotel room in Cornwall

Dog Friendly Cornwall Beach It

maggie on dog beach Cornwall

After we all got settled and read up on all the dog friendly suggestions, we decided to start exploring the area, and see just how friendly Cornwall could be.

Considering this trip was all about me, and I just love, love beaches, I thought we should sniff out the local dog friendly beaches in the area. Murphy from Merchant House recommended four which were close by the hotel.

We had the choice of

Perranporth Beach: 20 minutes from Merchant House and which boasts a restaurant called the Watering Hole right on the beach.

Porthcurnick Beach: 4 miles away from the hotel and allows dogs all year.

Towan Beach: An all year round dog beach near St. Mawes and about a 30 minute drive.

Pendower Beach: A huge sandy beach a mile long and let’s dogs on it all year long and is about 4 miles away from where we were staying.

dog friendly beach cornwall

My peep thought Perranporth Beach would be a great one to try because she was thinking we should also have a little lunch and try the Watering Hole. The beach is one of Cornwall’s finest on the west coast, and has about 3 miles of sand and dunes and the sea is wide open and you can see as far as the eye can go, nestled between Holywell on the right and St Agnes on the left.

The beach is easy to reach from the car park which is located in a little seaside village. Even though Murphy told us that there was only a special designated area for dogs and I would have to be on my lead, I couldn’t find it at all.

From the very beginning of the wide open beach to the cliffs that I climbed all I saw was dogs running all over the place and not a lead in sight.

The Sand was soft, the waves were big and and epic, what more could a dog want? Oh I know, a little lunch and I was getting a little hungry after beaching it!

The Watering Hole

dog friendly beach food

This massive restaurant serves up breakfast, lunch and dinner with inside and outside dining. And yes, all dogs are welcome.  The Watering Hole is the only bar on the beach in the UK and has a big selection of food. I have to say the views were amazing and I was even served up a bowl full of water.

My peeps decided on burgers which they ordered at the bar, just like you do in pubs. Then considering the day was bright, sunny and warm we headed outside to grab a table. Before I could even get my begging eyes on, the food was served and I was ready to dig in, well hopefully if my peep would share.

My thoughts

dog friendly watering hole cornwall

The burgers were just okay,but a little dry and my peep needed a lot of sauces to make it taste like something. But hey it’s really not about a gourmet meal when you’re beaching it and it’s worth a stop to enjoy the scenery and a glass of wine after a walk with your pooch. I think it would be great to be there on a warm day around sunset, that would be amazing!

Scenic Drive Home

The inactive tin mines peppered along Cornwall’s coastline of rugged rocks and wild seas is simply stunning.  The Cornish mines, which produced copper and tin in the 18th and 19th centuries stand as a reminder of Cornwall’s mining heritage. There are also walks that you can do with your dog to see them up close while you enjoy the beauty of sea and cliffs

However if you do plan to take a walk be careful about the mine shafts which can be hidden dangers that a curious dog could fall into.

All in all our first day was epic and very dog friendly. There were dogs everywhere having a great time. I have so much to wag about so make sure you come back to hear all about the beaches, eating places, and our comfy dog friendly Cornwall hotel stay.

Until next time… Wags