Happy Birthday To Me… 8 Crazy Facts About Beagles

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Wow I can hardly believe it! I turned 8 yesterday, where has the time gone? It was only yesterday that I was little a pup and was able to get away with practically anything, today ummm….. not so much, my peep says I should know better now.

So I asked my peep if I should know better, what do you know about beagles? Here are my 8 crazy facts about beagles that you might not know about us happy hounds.

8 Crazy Facts About Beagles

facts about beagles history1. We’ve Been Around A Long Time: The Beagle is one of the oldest hound breeds. Beagles actually date back to the 1300s and were originally used for hunting rabbits in England. Beagles have been mentioned in some of Shakespeare’s works.

2. Know The Mark: A Beagle should have a white tip at the end of its tail. This was so the hunters could see the dog through the tall grasses. No white tip, then you’re not a full beagle and could be a mix.

facts about beagle tails

3. Hear, Here: The hardest thing for a Beagle to learn is to come when called. Beagles are endowed with selective deafness, and we hardly come back when you call us. This is because we’re breed to hunt, and once on a scent all our other senses dim down, including our eyesight.

facts about beagle smells

4. Size Matters: Most Beagles are just a little bit longer than they are high. We also range in height as well. We could be as small as 13 inches in height, know as a “13 inch beagle” by the American Kennel Club and up to 16 inches which is recognized by the Kennel Club here in the UK.

5. Take Us Anywhere: Beagles do not drool or have a “doggy” smelling odor. However this could all change if we find a smelly patch of fox poo to roll around in, or anything else that’s sninky! We don’t need to drool either, we prefer to drool with our eyes while you’re eating.

facts about beagles clean

6. Neat and Tidy: Beagles are one of the easiest breeds to groom, and brushing us can keep the shedding all over your house down. Did you know that beagles have a medium coat and it’s called a double two. Our outer layer is coarse and rough and helps us from getting soaked in the rain. Our undercoat is soft and acts as our insulation to protect us from the weather.

7.  Loudmouth: In French Beagle Means “Loudmouth” and my peep thinks it fitting that the French named us this way! I can do a real good bark when I see a cat, squirrel, fox, rabbit, or another dog that I want to say hello and get their attention. I’ve been known to startle people when I do this, especially at my local, when I’m greeting fellow dogs at the door.


facts about beagle howls

Aroo Ergo Sum

Beagles are known for being very vocal, with their large barrow chest; barking baying and howling can be loud.

The word beagle (bē′gəl) possibly comes from Old French bee gueule which can mean wide throat or  loudmouth: beer, to gape (a variant of baer;)

facts about beagle puppies

8. It’s All in the Age: After the first year of a beagle’s life, we’re considered the equivalent to 16 human years. That’s right a crazy teenager! On our second birthday we’re like a wild 24 year old and by the time we are 3 we’re feeling pretty grown up just like a 30 year old. Every year after that just add 5 human years to figure out how old we are. I’m 8 years old which means:

First three years = 30 + (5 x 5) = 55 in human years!

Hope you learned a little bit more about me with these crazy facts about beagles, just like over the last happy 8 years I’ve learned just how crazy you peeps can be! I would also like to thank everyone for all my birthday wishes and tasty gifts! Ahrooo, until next year.

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photo credit: Beagle Howl by Rich Renomeron