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dog friendly hotel cornwall review

What sums up a dog friendly hotel? Is it just a place that lets my paws in the lobby and then pushes me into a hotel room never to view a single sight of where I’m staying? In my beagle opinion, that’s a big fat no! I want a place that really likes dogs and realizes that we’re guests too and not an extra piece of luggage that the peeps brought along.

And when it comes to my peep, she wants a hotel that not only welcomes her, but are people friendly, have good service, nice rooms and in a good location. Sounds simple but you would be surprized that sometimes that’s hard to find in a hotel which meets the needs of man and beast! (I’ve always wanted to say that!)

Well if you’re looking for a dog friendly hotel in Cornwall, that welcomes you with open paws, is in the heart of Cornwall, and the staff is not only friendly to all and they know about dogs let me introduce you to Merchant House.

dog friendly cornwall dogMurphy and his peep

I was very eager to meet Murphy and his peep Nicky, the proprietors of Merchant House.  Murphy is a 9 year old Lakeland terrier mix born and bred in Cornwall and has been working side by side with Nicky at the hotel for the past 3 years.

Now a dog knows what a dog wants when staying in a dog friendly hotel, and Murphy made sure that every pet would feel welcome and treated special while staying in Cornwall.

Upon our arrival, Nicky greeted us warmly and brought over some water in a bowl for me, knowing that I’d probably be thirsty after my long drive. She was absolutely right too, you’d be surprised how much of a thirst you can get while napping in the back of the car in your hammock.

There are other nice touches too that Murphy put into place so that dogs and their peeps can enjoy Cornwall together. In our hotel room we received:

A welcome sheet from Murphy

A two page list of dog friendly beaches, walks, places to eat and things to do, all dog friendly. They even had a name of an excellent groomer near by, in case I wanted a spa day.

Directions of two places near the hotel for “comfort walks” and told about the poo bin out back.

dog friendly cornwall hotel room

A goodie bag with a treat and poo bags, just in case my peep forgot to pack our disposal bags.

They were also nice to ask if we needed any bowls for my dinner while I was staying at the hotel. Having my Wag N Go I was fine with bowls, however what we really needed was  a fridge to keep my lamb burgers in to keep them fresh. That was easy to do, it was a simple call to the front desk and they were more than happy to store it while we stayed at the hotel.

My review of Merchant House

dog friendly sleepingStaying at Merchant House is like going to your real cool Aunt’s home who is always happy to see you, knows all the cool things to do in the neighbourhood and makes a tasty breakfast that you can’t stop thinking about.

What I really liked about this dog friendly hotel in Cornwall was first it’s location. Smack in the center of Cornwall you can have the best of everything the region has to offer from coast to coast, and enjoy the towns as well.

When we stayed we used Merchant House as our hub and ventured out each day to explore the beautiful countryside and beaches and then returning to relax and enjoy a glass of wine before heading off to one of the recommended dog friendly restaurants for dinner.

dog friendly cornwall cakeIt was so comfortable hanging out in the lounge during tea time. My peep was able to help herself to a piece of cake, complimentary at the bar, and right beside it was a treat tray so I too could have a little treat while relaxing.

Our room was located in the rear of the hotel, which made it really easy to pop out quickly in case I had to do a little business. My peep thought the room was really cozy, with clean fresh white linen on the bed, flat panel television and a tray full of coffee and tea. And as you all know, my peep needs here coffee first thing every morning.

dog friendly hotel room in cornwall

Breakfast & More

When you book a room at Merchant house your breakfast is included, and even thought currently they don’t let dogs down for breakfast, I’d highly recommend that you take your dog out for a brisk walk in one of the nearby parks and then head back for a tasty breakfast. Besides serving their classic Full English, you can also help yourself to yogurt, cereal, and fruit. You can also help yourself to juice, coffee and tea. Next thing you know toast is on the table and your waiter will bring you a nice hot breakfast of your choice. My peep thought that the service quick and very friendly.

dog friendly cornwall breakfast

Merchant house doesn’t serve dinner, however on our second night after an epic day walking all over Cornwall, we decided to relax in the lounge and order a take-away. They have a big book with a great variety of takeaways and will even provide plates and cutlery. We sat in the bar area, ordered a bottle of wine and savored the day.

The other great thing too, is if your don’t fancy a meal, they can rustle you up a basic toastie, sandwiches or even a packed lunch to go.

If your thinking on escaping for a few days this summer with your favorite pooch, I’d highly recommend you stay at Merchant House and enjoy Cornwall. They’ll make you and your dog feel like home, and considering there is so much to do with your dog, you’ll be so pleased to snuggle in your comfy bed and dream of a full English breakfast in the morning.

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