My Seven Top Dog Beach Essentials For Summer

dog beach essentials

Summer has to be my favourite time of year. It means road trips to new locations, warm sun on my fur and trips to the local dog beach.

Dog beaches are little pieces of heaven on earth, I can socialize with other dogs, get some great exercise by running around, and I cool myself down while I bark and run through the waves.

However, to make a day at the dog beach enjoyable for me and my peep, I like to pack up my Wag N Go bag with these top beach essentials for dogs.

1.My Own Beach towel

Sand can get pretty hot on my little paws and my peep isn’t big on sharing her towel. So having my own little space under the umbrella is perfect for a little nap between play.

Also, make sure that you have a super absorbent towel to dry off your dog and get the sand off of their toes. I like a super large towel so that my peep can wrap me in it and give me a full body rub.


dog beach towel
We just love this labs beaching style!

2. Sun Cover

Speaking of umbrellas…Sitting in the hot sun and getting a tan is just something dogs don’t do. A little shade for both of you is the way to go. We think this Beach Sun Umbrella is very wag cool.
dog beach umbrella

dog beach careA dog that has been swimming around in the ocean or lake for a while can get their paws injured more easily once back on land. This is due to their pads have been softened by the water.

Just remember if you’re hot-footing it on the sand due to it’s been heated by the sun to an uncomfortable level, your dog’s paws are going to feel it too, and will need to be protected from burns and blisters.

Just like peeps, dogs can burn too and if your dog has sparse hair coverage and thin pink skin, a pet-friendly Sunblock should be applied to sun-sensitive areas, such as our nose, ears and belly.

3.  Cool drink of water

dog bowl for dog beach

Dogs drink a lot of water, especially on hot days with loads of socializing and playing going on. Make sure you bring along a portable water bottle. Better yet, if you have to drive for a bit to hit the beach, fill the water bottle with ice or even freeze it so that it stays cooler longer while it melts.
Thirsty Milo is perfect for the beach because it doubles as a water bowl.

4. Poo bags

poo bags for dog beach

Eco-friendly poo bags in bulk is the way to go!

We want dog beaches to stay dog beaches and that means keeping the beach clean and fresh for all to enjoy. Make sure you peep has poo bags handy and a garbage bag handy for any extra mess that came along with you.

5. Water toy

Zigoo Crinkits Dog Toy for beachMy friend Milo the lab goes extra crazy when he hits the beach, and he loves to fetch too! I think this Crinkit toy is perfect for hours of fun. It floats, it squeaks and better yet, your peeps empty water bottle fits right in the middle of the toy.

6. Waterproof collar & extra set

leads and collars to use at the beach

Leave the fancy leather collars behind and snap on your waterproof collar and lead, and if you don’t have one of those, pick up a colourful lead and collar set that you can toss in the wash later. Grime, sand and wet collars can irritate a dog’s skin, so make sure you have an extra one that you can snap on after all the fun is over at the dog beach.

7. Treat me right

A fun full beach day is not complete unless a few little treats are given for my good behaviour! If you hit the beach early, and it’s not crowded, this might be the perfect time to teach me a new trick or two.

dog beach treats
We love these Yogurt and Banana Dog Treats it’s like a taste of summer with a crunch!

Besides having your essentials packed for the beach always remember when you’re travelling away from home that you have the basic that every dog on the go has…

  • An up to date microchip
  • A collar and tag with your peep’s contact information
  • up to date on your vaccinations
  • protected with aid for flea & tices

With your doggy beach bag packed you’ll be sitting in style on any dog beach.

Have you ever been to a dog beach in summer?


links are to our affiliate links or Amazon UK, so if you plan on picking up a few things from the list, I just wanted to let you know that I could earn a commission. A dog’s got to eat!