Let’s Help Dash Find His Forever Home

dash wants a forever home

This is Dash. He is a happy six month old puppy living on the beach in Albania.

A beach life sounds great, right?

forever home dashUnfortunately, Albania is very unkind to stray dogs. Dash has to eat food from the dumpsters and he struggles to find fresh water during the hot summer days. On top of that, he also suffers random violence expressed from vexed or bored villagers.


Dash disappeared a few weeks ago and when we went out looking for him, we found him hiding in the grass, unable to walk. One of the villagers had beaten him so badly that he broke his leg. Poor Dash was left to cower in the fields with no food or water for two days. When I picked him up and carried him home, he didn’t even cry. He just wagged his tail and rested his head on my chest.

We took Dash to the hospital and he had an operation. He is still recovering, but he will be able to walk again soon.forever home help

Our plan was to bring him to an animal shelter. We spoke with the owners of two different animal shelters, Animal Rescue Albania and the Protect Me Organization. Both shelters rejected him. The ARA went so far as to say that there is “no vet [in Albania] who can do a good job. They just take money and after surgery the situation might be worse.” The only advice he offered was to take the puppy with us.

we want to give dash a forever home

We love Dash. He is very sweet and playful and desperately in need of love. Unfortunately, we cannot take him with us because we already have a dog. Traveling the world with one dog is challenging, and we fear that traveling with two would be too much for us. We want Dash to have a constant, loving, forever home, and we will stay with him in Albania until he has one.

stray dogs on streets

For this reason, we need your help. Any offers to adopt Dash or help find him a home will be hugely appreciated! Furthermore, his surgery cost 30,000 lek, about 250 Euros. More visits to the vet must be made before we can take him out of Albania to his new home. We also intend to pay for all transportation to bring him to his new home. Any donations would also be greatly appreciated.

dash looking for a home

Our goal is to raise 500 euros to pay for all of his expenses. Whatever he doesn’t need will be given to an appropriate, functioning animal rescue association in the Balkan states.


All donations can be sent to Fabian Barkhau:

SEPA Bank transfer: IBAN: DE53500105175406120805 BIC: INGDDEFFXXX

Paypal: fabian.barkhau@gmail.com

Bitcoin: 14o3EWHELfzFGrNfdZstyYtprhYG1NGvhB

All questions, well wishes, or adoption leads can be directed to Kristyn Bacon


Dash’s page 


Thank you so much for your help! Dash needs and appreciates all of it!