Puppy Love? Simple Ways To Love Your Puppy

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When you have a new puppy, all you want to do is shower him with attention and warmth to ensure that your puppy bond starts to grow. People try to win the heart of their puppies by throwing buckets of affection and love, when all they really need is a little common sense and a dose of puppy love. The majority of people fail to understand what they can do best to make their puppies fall head over paw in love with them. Here’s what you can do to create long lasting friendship with these loyal companions:

Puppy Love

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Spend time with him: Spending time together means a lot to your puppy. He may not be everything to you but you are definitely everything for your puppy. You can spend time with him by playing with him. It will also prevent boredom as puppies turn crazy when they are bored. When you bring a puppy home, he is usually scared and need encouragement to grow comfortably. You can reassure him by spending time with him.

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Meet his requirement with a clean, warm and safe sleeping area: Just like humans, puppies love their clean, warm and cozy corner when they can snooze. Puppies need a lot of sleep and should not be interrupted when they take naps. However, their sleeping place should be in close proximity to your place as it’s comforting for him after he is separated from his family.

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Get into the heart of your puppy through his stomach: If your dog is underweight or overweight, it’s a sign that you are not feeding him properly. You should offer him healthy treats made of meat to get his attention and to reward him as you start the training process. Regulate his diet and make sure that he gets quality puppy food and that you feed him on a schedule.

Don’t feed table scrap to your puppy!

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Groom him every day: Your puppy needs grooming every day. Grooming your puppy by yourself strengthens the emotional bond between you and your little friend with fur. Examine his ears, trim his nails, brush his teeth, groom his fur, and check his paws for a perfectly groomed puppy. Everyone loves a frisky groomed puppy… all it takes is a little dedication from your side and you will get a loyal friend for life.

Train him: Another important thing you should do is to train your puppy on simple commands such as sit, down, come etc. This will help you in communicating more effectively with your dog and develop an emotional bond between both of you. If you don’t know how to train a dog find a qualified dog trainer to assist you in training.  

Take him to walk/exercise: Dogs love it when you take them on a walk. It also helps your dog to stay fit and in good shape. It’s a time puppies love to spend with their owner and explore the world around them. Keep the length of the lead appropriate so that it’s comfortable for you and your puppy to walk. This a wonderful time to start socializing your pup with other people and dogs.

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Don’t ever hit him: Whenever your dog does something wrong, don’t hit or show aggressive behavior. Always use positive reinforcement in spite of punishing. This will help develop your puppy in a confident way and encourage your pup’s well being. If you punish your puppy harshly for any wrong-doing, it will not work in your favor.

Praise him whenever he does something right:

  • When he learns a new trick
  • When he does his business in the right spot
  • When he plays with his toys

Avoid these (these things irritate puppies):

  • Don’t talk to him with words, use body language instead and simple commands
  • Don’t force your puppy to interact with someone he doesn’t like
  • Don’t tighten the leash so that he has trouble walking

Needs of a puppy are very simple. Satisfy them and you will develop a very cozy and happy relationship with your puppy, and this is what we call puppy love!

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