A Dog Friendly Inn Review: The Bath Arms In Wiltshire

I love the British countryside, beautiful open spaces, dotted with rural life, it just makes a dog want to do zoomies all day long.  Green, lush and visually stunning, chocked full of new places to explore, it’s a city dog’s dream to pad around open fields and explore rustic trails happily off lead.

And that is exactly what I got to do last month, we we’re invited to visit a dog friendly inn near Longleat called The Bath Arms.

the bath arms dog friendly hotel uk

About the dog friendly inn The Bath Arms

The Bath Arms is a lovely and charming inn situated in the wee village of Horningsham in Wiltshire and forms part of the Longleat Estate. Besides the scattering of beautiful thatched cottages, it also carries the village essentials of a post office, a place of worship, a primary school, a village hall and a pub called the Bath Arms.

The Bath Arms, is on The Common and was built in the 17th century it became a public house in 1732 when it was called The New Inn. Today this listed 17th century ivy-clad building is a country retreat offering 16 cosy rooms and a great British menu filled with locally sourced produce taken from within a 50 mile radius of the Longleat Estate.

Our night at The Bath Arms

After my nap and quick drive we arrived at The Bath Arms just in time for lunch, and I’ll have to thank Charly our driver and top dog in hospitality knowledge for her superior driving!  I was so comfy on my Wag The Dog UK dog bed, that was nestled in my Wander Hammock which kept me secured in the back seat of the car that I didn’t feel a thing.the bath arms dog friendly hotel snoozing

Room for two and four paws

bath arms uk dog friendly rooms

Our bedroom was off to the side of the inn, in the converted stables which offered easy paw access to each room via the patio-style doors. Our room was freshly renovated with exposed stone walls and titled floors in the loo,  perfect for my dogs bowls. The bedroom was a little tiny but very cosy, with an antique wardrobe, desk and a flat screen television for my peep to watch while she snuggled in between the crisp white duvet and sheets.

I was given my own little bed which was situation beside the door (perfect for peeking out) and near a mirror that had this gorgeous beagle reflection that I couldn’t stop staring at, her beauty was amazing.

dog friendly bath arms rooms



bath arms dog friendly walks uk

After we checked in we decided to have little wonder and stretch our legs. We headed over to the front desk and asked where would be a great place to roam around and see the views.  The cheery front desk gentleman suggested a walk around the area, that goes full circle and back to the hotel, he felt that it would only take about an hour, which was perfect for us.

The walk was truly beautiful, and easy on the paws, we walked pass cows, ducks and fields while my peep admired the views. Most of the walk was on a road with little traffic, and if you have a dog that can be trusted, you’re fine with keeping them off lead. Sadly for me, my peep kept me on the lead most of the time, due to I am known not to listen and she was worried about cars coming around the bends.

However when we were strolling around, my peep did notice that there were paths that went off-road and if we were staying longer, we would have checked them out. However we were only here for the night before moving on to our next destination. I’m sure if you asked the staff they would be more than happy to help, who I have to say we’re very dog and people friendly.

My thoughts

bath arms dog friendly review

The Bath Arms is a beautiful inn and I felt more than welcomed. I was able to hang out on the large open patio while my peep had a glass of wine, I was able to sniff around their huge garden and enjoy some time hanging out in the pub area and small pub dining room. The larger dining room was off limits to dogs, but don’t worry the menu is the same in both the pub and dining room so you won’t miss a thing!

The other thing I really liked about the inn was how wonderful their staff was, everyone went out of their way to make me feel at home and they we’re also cheery to my peep as well.

I think it’s important that dogs have a place to call their own in a hotel room, and having my own bed was a very nice touch. Considering we stayed in the annex, I was happy for the easy access to the great outdoors. However I did hear a bit of noise in the night and also the early bird dogs going out for their morning walks, but hey that would be expected.

The location is oh, so pretty and you’re just a short wag away from Longleat House and Safari Park,  just remember though dogs in either of those two places are not allowed, so I’d suggest checking out some great places for a trek with your pooch instead.

So if you’re fancying a quick getaway with your pooch in a nice and relaxed setting, The Bath Arm might just be your perfect little dog friendly break.

What about the food?

No, I didn’t forget to talk about all the meals I shared with my peep, I’m a beagle and food is always on my mind. We did have breakfast, lunch and dinner there and I was by my peep’s side waiting for my taste test. However she duped me by bring along my driver, who is a guru when it comes to food, wine and service, and she is going to write all about that in a later post.

You see my peep and I think it’s important that a dog friendly inn must be good for two legs and four!

Check In

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 £ From £55 Dog rate: £20 per dog, per night