5 Reasons Why I Like Pawing Around My Pawsome Box

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As any smart dog will tell you, there is nothing better than getting a package from the postman that’s just for you. And I have to say getting a Pawsome box is always a great experience.

What’s a Pawsome Box

Well, they are monthly subscription boxes for dogs and they also do a Purrfectbox for those crazy kitties that we love so much! Each month, they send  5-6 great products for pets, including premium treats & snacks, hygiene products, training aids, toys & chews, and all sorts of other goodies!

We received our June Pawsome box a few weeks ago, and it’s been our third since we discovered their monthly pet subscription service.  Reviews of our past Pawsome boxes can be read here and here.  This month’s theme was all about “It’s time for a walk” and was packed full of good things to eat and play plus there was even a product or two to help my peep when we’re out and about.

Why I Like Pawing Around My Pawsome Box

1. It’s about trying new things

new products in pawsome box

My peep gets into a habit of buying me the same kind of toys and usually the same treats when she is at our local pet shop. However when we get our box, I get to try new treats and my peep gets introduced to new pet companies.

2. It arrives at the door

pawsome box arrives at your door

When someone knocks at our door, I never know what to expect, could it be friends, mail or a box for me! Yes, you guessed it, when I see that blue box, I know I have a treat coming my way.

3. It happens every month

It’s a paw-tastic gift that shows up every month. All my peep has to do is choose a subscription and then all I have to do is wait.

 4. The Pawsome magazine

pawsome box magazine

Every Pawsome box comes with their monthly magazine that has load of useful doggy things to learn, do and enjoy. Besides describing the contents of your box, it also brings articles, DYI, and tips.

5. It makes me happy

why i like pawsome box uk

Our June box was full of great things to snack, play and enjoy. We received…

An Easy Tie by Happy Paws: A little gadget that is a safer, easier and quicker way to secure your dog without removing the lead from the collar. Now if you’re a dog like me who likes to not only hang out in dog friendly cafes, but also likes to wander around and help clean up the floor, when your peep isn’t looking, then this little gadget will keep you secure, by latching to the table in a snap.

Doggy Towel from Camon: A handy microfiber towel to help me dry off from summer showers.

I have to say my peep was very happy with these little goodies, but the rest of the box was what made me happy!

Nom Dog Biscuits by Woof & Brew: Wheat and gluten free these little bites are a delicious tea infused treat that leave my breath smelling fresh.

Chicken & Carrot treats by 8IN1:  A tasty little soft chew of a rice enriched gluten free recipe with the added benefit of vitamins.

Plush Toy by Happy Pet: A squeaky little donut ready to be torn into bits! Bliss!

Spike Ball by Camon: A bright and bouncy ball and I’m enjoying cleaning my teeth on it.

All I have to say is that they’re fun! My peep likes it too, it seems to come just at the right time!

Want One? Get One!

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