Ston Easton Review -A 5 Paw Star Weekend

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Sometimes when you’re thinking of a getaway, you might want that “something special” escape and you want it to be dog friendly too. Perhaps you want to stay somewhere with a little grandeur, a romantic escape, or a Downton Abbey feel, all complete with a manor dog greeting you at the door.

Ston Easton in Somerset, fits all that and more, it’s a beautiful estate that looks like it’s walked straight out of a Downton Abbey set, and yes your pooch is welcomed too.

Guests two legged and four can enjoy the charm and history of the building but you will also find all the modern amenities to make it a luxuriously comfortable stay for you and your pooch. Rooms are furnished with grand four-poster beds and some with fireplaces and you will find beautiful views at every turn. And if your looking for an award-winning fine dining restaurant experience that will keep you talking about it for weeks, then you have found the place to escape to this year.

ston easton review dog oscar

Oscar, the top dog of the house, is the first to greet you, tail wagging and ready to assist. I have to say he was absolutely charming, and I felt very much like Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Wimbledon Commons meeting my long lost Prince Igor Kuragin. I wonder if he’s Russian? I do know he was a dog about town, and I am sure my charms got his attention. 

Only a dog like Oscar would know how another dog would enjoy a luxury paw stay!
ston easton review dog greeting

About Ston Easton

A little history…

The house appears to date back to Tudor times and still has some of the original beams from that era. However the building you see today was built around 1739, many, many dog years ago.

The Hippisley family made Ston Easton Park their home from 1544 and continued to live here until 1956. After that  it changed paws a number of times before it eventually fell into disrepair and narrowly avoided a demolition order.

Thankfully, under the ownership of the Rees-Mogg family, the house under-went extensive restoration work to bring it back to its former glory.

The house was first opened as a hotel in 1982 by Mr and Mrs Smedley and it’s 36 acres of parkland surrounding the house was designed by the famous 18th Century landscape architect, Humphry Repton.


The hotel is nestled into 36 acres of gorgeous West Country parkland, it’s a doggy and peeps dream.  The hotel is grand, with original antique furniture, sumptuous fabrics that you want to get your paws on and glistening chandeliers.

ston easton dog friendly details

But what I liked best about Ston Easton were the dog friendly touches around the stately rooms and of course Oscar the top dog of the house. Your first impression when you arrive is a homely and welcoming atmosphere. It was like being welcomed back to your stately country home after a long trip away.

The Grounds

ston easton grounds

Woof and wags were my first thoughts when I saw the stunning grounds. There is so much to see, so much to sniff and wonderful places to relax and enjoy the views. Dog friendly, and easy to roam around of lead. They even have poo bags and dispenser, so they thought of everything.


maggie at ston easton review

They even have a Victorian Kitchen Garden which supplies the kitchen with almost 60% of their fresh produce. I have to thank Steve the head gardener’s for his stunning work and letting me play with his new puppy who showed me all the places that were great for chasing!

ston easton gardens review

Dog Friendly Services

For me it’s the little things that make me happy and it always feels good when others think of you. The Ston Easton knows about dogs and want them to enjoy their time there just as much as their peeps do.

When you book your luxury getaway for you and your pooch, your dog is treated as a top star.

  • In your room, you’ll be greeted with your own food and water bowl, naturally healthy and locally-produced dog food all set out on a doggy mat ready for you to enjoy. I gobbled my dinner down near the fireplace in my beautiful room.
  • During the day you can sniff, run, play, explore all around the parkland, and yes lead free! And if you’re lucky Oscar will be your guide and wagging pal while you’re there.
  • While your peeps are dining on the scrumptious tasting menu made with some of the ingredients sourced from their garden.  You’ll be whisk downstairs to hang out with your own personal doggy sitter and play around with Oscar. After dinner you can meet them up in the lounge and snooze on the carpet, while they enjoy after dinner coffees or drinks. So much better than being stuck in the room!

The Room

ston easton dog friendly bedrooms

Speaking of the bedroom, one of the hardest thing you’ll have as a dog is getting your peep out of the room. Their grand, beautiful and elegant. Lucky for me the stunning views were too enticing for my peep as well and we both could not wait to go exploring.

My Thoughts – A Ston Easton Review

Hmmm… I think you’ve already guessed how I feel about my visit, it was just what the vet ordered. (no, I didn’t see a vet, it’s just a doggy saying). Besides having stunning weather, it was actually the tranquil feel that both I and my peep had while we were there.

My peep enjoyed a G & T on the terrace, I enjoyed playing with Oscar on the grounds.

ston easton maggie and oscar

My peep had a stunning dinner, and I enjoyed the dog friendly staff and was happy, content and ready to relax with my peep in the lounge.

We both woke up early and met a few other dog lovers while we has a brisk walk before breakfast.

All in all we both enjoyed our stay, and I have to admit it was really hard getting me back in the car to leave.

Oh  Duke Oscar would you ever fancy Dame Maggie!

Paw policy: Very dog friendly, with certain rooms allocated for those bringing their pets. Dogs are allowed in public places on leads, with the exception of the restaurant and dining areas.

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