Why should I get a quality dog bed? [Berkeley Review]

berkerly dog bed review

Ever wonder why your dog prefers your bed instead of their own? I can tell you why I do, besides the cuddle, and the cozy duvet that I snuggle under, it’s the comfort that I really enjoy.

My peep spent a lot of money for the perfect bed for herself. She understood that she spends a 1/3 of her life in it and wanted to make sure her bed would be comfortable, help with a good night sleep and most importantly that it was good quality that would last.

maggie not sleeping on a dog bed

Did you know that the average amount of sleep for adult dogs is about 12 to 14 hours per day, however it really depends on a number of factors such as


Age (older dogs sleep more)


In other words dogs spend about 50% of their time sleeping.  Now we don’t have a regular sleep regimen like people do, where as peeps like to do all their sleeping in one go at night, we dogs like to catch several short naps during the day.

 Sometimes on the floor due to it’s cool, sometimes on the sofa where we are high up and can be part of the action. We’ve even adapted to your schedule and sleep through out the night and sometimes right beside you on your bed.

Woof, with all this bed talk I’m getting a little sleepy and a bit off topic. What I am trying to say, just as it’s important for you to have a good bed, it’s just as important for your dog to have one as well. I also suggest that you spend as much as you can on getting a long-lasting quality bed that your dog will enjoy year in and year out.

Why should I get a quality dog bed?

A quality dog bed should provide insulation, support, warmth, and gives your dog a feeling of security. When a dog has a bed of his own, he gets all of these benefits, and more.

A quality dog bed should give your dog

  • Insulation: From the floor in both the winter and summer.
  • Private Space: This will help give him a sense of security.
  • Cushioning:  Older, arthritic, and over weight dogs need a properly constructed bed due to the need of extra  joints support and comfort.
  • Controlling the spread of hair and dander by concentrating it in one, easy-to-clean location.

About Berkeley Dog Beds

berkely dog on bed

Berkeley dog beds are made by skilled craftsmen exclusively in the UK, in fact their designs and how they are engineered make them more of a mattress perfect for ensuring comfort for your pet while sleeping.

We were lucky enough to try their Waterproof Orthopedic Mattress, which my peep thought would be good for me due to I’m getting a little older and wanted something that was of high quality.

dog bed springsIn fact they are completely different from your average dog bed, Berkeley makes their dog beds just like my peeps. Made with individual pocket springs sandwiched between thick layers of wool felt and cotton.

The first thing we noticed when it arrived was that it was heavy, like a piece of furniture, which meant that when we put it down on the tile floor it stayed there. Even when I did my beagle run and jumped on my new bed it didn’t slide around.

The second thing I noticed was that even thought the cover is waterproof, it felt really nice, it felt more like a thick canvas. What my peep liked about it was that it was removable and durable. The best part was that it was a simple pillow case that closed via heavy-duty Velcro. Easy on, easy off! That way you can wash it in the machine, or as my peep has been doing was just washing it down with a damp cloth. I mean the fabric was amazing, it also..

was durable enough for my scratching circles

My dog hair didn’t  stick to it

it’s flea, mite, mould and mildew resistant.

What I thought

berkeley dog bed with maggie

Well I’ve been snoozing on my Berkeley for a few weeks now and I love it. It’s firmer than my other beds but it’s big, thick and roomy. Considering it is thick, I don’t feel the floor underneath, perfect on chilly nights when the floors get cold. Can you believe I’m talking about chilly floors in July? Any woof, that’s another story about living in London!

I was also able to stretch out on it and it was nice not to see that layer of beagle hair like I usually do.  All my peep now needs to do is get me a duvet and I’ll have the same comfort that she has for a long nice sleep.

My peep loves it too to it’s easy to clean, sturdy and built to last a lifetime. As a concerned pet owner or maybe it’s just because she wants me off her bed, she really likes that it has been designed to be quite firm in order to provide adequate support for my  spine and joints.

I’d highly recommend getting a Berkeley dog bed that will make your pooch feel great while they nap.

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