Kidney Crisps: A Ridiculously Easy Dog Training Treat Recipe

dog training treats recipe

Our dog training treat recipe has to be the easiest thing to make that your dog will love. Kidney Crisps are super tasty and have a great crunch just like a crisp.

My peep usually grabs a few and uses them when she’s walking me. You’d be surprised on how good I am on the command “here” when I see that she has a little treat in her hand. I think this could be the best dog training treat in the world!

It’s very cheap to buy kidney, be it ox or beef from your butcher. You can also pick up packages of beef kidney at your local big box grocery shop.

The best thing about making your own training treats is that it’s so much cheaper than buying the packaged ones from your local pet shop.

Training Treat Recipe


Package of beef or ox kidney

Training Treat Recipe kidney


  1. Wash the kidneys and pat dry
  2. Tip: semi freeze the kidney so it’s easier to cutTraining Treat Recipe

  4. Cut into thin slices and discard the fat.
  5. Place on a rack and tinfoil the tray
  6. Cooked for 1 hr – 1 hr 30 minutes at 100°C/210°F or until dried out
  7. Let cool on rack

Training Treat Recipe finish

Oh woof! That’s it!

Storing: It’s important to keep them dry and fresh. Either…

  • pop them in the freezer and grab some when you need them.
  • store them in a paper bag and keep in the fridge.
  • they will stay fresh in a glass treat jar with a tightly closed lid for about 3 days.

As with any treat that you give your dog, make sure it’s in moderation. If your dog is on a special diet consult your vet to see if our dog training treats are suitable for your pet.

Kidneys: Like liver, kidney supplies good quality protein, essential fatty acids and many vitamins including all the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. Kidneys are a rich source of iron and all the B vitamins. They also have good levels of zinc.

For the peeps

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