I’ll Text You – My GPS Dog Tracker [ Tracca Review]

GPS Dog Tracker

One of the things that freaks out my peep more than anything is when I decide to take myself for a walk. Now this can happen in a number of ways. Sometimes when we are out in the commons, I might catch a scent that is just too inciting to ignore and I’m off, or I’ve got so carried away with chasing other dogs I forget where my peep is and feel a little lost.

Lately I’ve learned a new trick, and that is when my peeps leaves the front door open I slip out and head on over to the pub or meet up with some pups at the park. This has got me in a lot of trouble and has had my peep looking everywhere for me.

maggie My GPS Dog TrackerMy GPS Dog Tracker

However this might all come to an end now, due to I just got my own sim card that I put into my Tracca. My new device is a GPS-based system which automatically sends a signal to my peeps phone to let her know where I’m located.

Also considering that I now have my own mobile number, my peep has saved it in her phone book and if she wants to know where I am she can just call me and I’ll send a text back with my exact location. How wag cool is that?

I have to say it’s very stylish and looks a lot like my peep’s mobile phone. It’s not heavy to wear and very slim line. The battery lasts for up to 20 hours in constant tracking mode or about 800 hours on standby. Which is much better than my peep’s mobile.

Right now I’m wearing it with the collar that was supplied, however it can slip on any of my other collars too. So woof folks, I’ve got my own smart phone!

How it Works

mobile gps dog tracker 3

It’s really simple to set up your GPS dog tracker, even I could have done it. However my peep had a bit of a problem releasing the back and even broke a nail. However she does that with her own phone as well.

Getting Started

Tell your peep to download the app from either Apple or Android

Then the first thing you should do is open up the Tracca and insert your sim. Also write down the account number which is the IMEI number, your dog’s mobile number and remember that the default password is “123456”. Don’t worry you can change the password later in the app.

Next charge up the Tracca with the USB cable that is supplied. Now the instructions say it takes about 12 hours to have it fully charged and you should wait until it’s fully charged before using it the first time. Don’t worry the Tracca will text you.

Attach Tracca to your dog’s collar or use the one that is supplied.

Send  your dog out to the pet shop and track him… no kidding, even thought I did think that would be a great idea. No the great news is that your dog is now easy to track. My peep got all excited when she saw my little icon on the app’s screen on her mobile.

If you’re a little geeky about instructions and want to know more, I’d suggest that you pop on over here for the full instruction booklet. It’s a PDF and it’s downloadable too!

 My thoughts on Tracca

gps dog tracker thoughts

The thing I love about my Tracca is the ability to be monitored when I’m out and about even when I’m away from my peep.

The tech guys behind the Tracca have made it so that multiple people can download the app and access your dog’s account. Yup, that’s true my own account and mobile number. I’d give you the number but my peep won’t allow me to take calls from strangers.

This way everyone in your family, dog sitter or dog walker has the option of keeping tabs on the family pooch. With the app you can see where your pup is at anytime of the day.

What my peep likes about it is that she can see where I’m running around when I’m out and about with my dog walker.

Safety First

The Tracca Dog has been designed as an anti theft method too. My peep can check all the locations I’ve been and the times I was there by checking the apps history function. The history log  can’t be removed either. If someone takes my Tracca collar off and throws it on the ground – it’s motion sensor will switch off after 3 minutes. If it’s destroyed or left stationary it will record the last  place I was at, so if I was stolen, there would be the time and place of the theft. This information is what you’ll need to inform the police if something terrible like that happened.

Also if your dog ever got dog napped and was tossed in a car, the history function will show that the Tracca Dog was moving at a speed far to fast for your dog to just be running, unless maybe you’re a grey hound?

Dog Walkers

Don’t get me wrong, my dog walker is paw-some! He’s been walking me for the last 2 years and he’s loads of fun. However sometimes you might get a dog walker who well, just doesn’t walk you. Perhaps he just ferries you around in his dog car, or sits on a bench until the time is up and then drops you back home without any exercise.  How would a peep know?


Your peep can watch you when your out and about with your dog walker and see where you’re going or check the history on the app to see everywhere you’ve been! Lazy dog walkers be warned!

tracca collar

Stuff to know

  • Weather proof! However if you’ve got a crazy dog that loves to swim they have the Tracca Proof which let’s it get fully submersible.
  • Average use of the Tracca will cost around £1.50 per month.That’s your dog’s mobile bill charge and much better than your average teen’s bill!
  • No contract! You just pay a one-off fee for the device and then choose and regulate your spending on a Pay and Go SIM card.
  • See where your dog is located either by map, satellite or street view.

All in all it does exactly what my peep wants. She wants to know where I am and feels a lot better now that she can just give me a buzz to see what I’m up to and I’ll always text her back!

Oh have a crazy wandering kitty? They’ve in the process of making the perfect size Tracca for cats with all the same features! I wonder if I would be able to text “woof” to a Tracca kitty for a little play and chase?

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