A Dog Wag N View Of The World [101]

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A little woofy hello to everyone who is kind enough to visit my little dog house on the big wide interwebs. I thought I’d check in and write a bit about myself, my blog and hopefully that you’ll know why I love doing what I do.

I can’t believe it’s been over two and ½ years since my first post back in February 2012. In fact you can read my first post here.

Cold Dog Feet Keep My Paws from Freezing

When I started Wag The Dog UK, what I really wanted to do was share all my travel experience with any dog on the go. So I find it quiet crazy that I started off writing about how my paws were freezing!

101 dog wag snow

At the time I was living in Nyon, Switzerland and it was snowing like crazy and I think that was the first thought I had. My travelling paws were feeling a little icy and I think that is where I want to start and share. You need good paws if you’re going to be travelling around.

As you all know, I am an 8 year old beagle who writes on a dog’s point of view. In fact it’s my blogs tag line.

A dog wag N view of the world

However the peep behind the blog who helps me put my thoughts into words, pays the bills, keeps the site up and running, feeds me and everything in between has been a big part of Wag The Dog UK too! In fact our minds are like one when it comes to writing our posts. I can clearly say her thoughts are my thoughts too. Funny how that happens!

She is always a little shy writing about herself and hates getting her picture taken too. She is passionate thought, and loves all animals to bits. If you sneak on over to our about page, you can find out a little bit more about her, and me as well.

We’re both big fans of travelling and my peep really gets a kick on seeing the world through my brown beagle eyes. We have both been lucky to visit many places all over the world. From swanky hotels, road trips, and historical places it has all been great fun and we both can’t wait to do more.

If you have been sniffing around our posts for a while you’ll also see that we’re big fans of all things dog.

One of peeps passions is feeding me home cooked meals. This all started when I was a puppy. When I was little I would not eat anything that came out of a tin and kibble I’d toss out of my bowl.

dog wag home cooked food

It was such a problem that it made my peep nervous and she contacted our vet in New York and he suggestion that my peep start cooking me some basic grub from fresh ingredients. My first home cooked meal was Chicken and rice, since then I have become a full connoisseur of a variety of food. I am proud to say that I am healthy; my fur is shiny soft and I still loving running around like a crazy pup.

In my free time, I’m usually trying out new doggy products or hanging out with a few of my peep friends. Considering I have been out and about since I was 10 weeks old, I have come to enjoy being on the social scene and have stellar manners when I’m out dining or waiting on a treat at my local.

We are both looking forward to more travels this year and especially exploring the beautiful English country side.

Big wags and a howling thank you dog lovers for choosing to spend a little time with me on our blog, I hope you will stay with me for all my future adventures and tell us what you think.

We truly want to be what all the woof is about! So send me a tweet, post me a photo on Facebook or leave me a comment and tell us what you’d like to see at Wag The Dog UK

I’m a beagle who just loves being in the best dog pack ever and I want to hear your howls!

Dog Wags and kisses,


Editor in Paw