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There is nothing scarier in the world than having a pet emergency. It’s even worse if you don’t have the right stuff to help your pet. That’s why it is so important to have a pet first aid kit. In fact you should have two, one at home and one in your car if you travel with your pooch.

It is something you should have and hopefully never have to use. We got ours at Cuts & Bruises, an online shop specializing in medical supplies. They provide top-notch service along with the best advice for dealing with and preventing injuries. Also they donate 2% of every order to the charity Help For Heroes. A great small business to support!

Their Pet first aid kit is compact but fully loaded with all you need to help your pet in case of an accident.  Weighing less than 11 oz  (300 g) and sized in at 7 x 3 x 4  inches ( 18 x 10 x 8 cm)  it can easily be placed in the glove compartment of your car or stored away in a cupboard with your own first aid kit.

Pet First Aid Kit Contents

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1.Saline Solution
two pods of 20ml each. Perfect to use to wash away dirt, debris or smoke from your pet’s eyes or to clean a cut. Simply wipe away the excess fluid with a gauze swab.
2.Dressing Bandages with ties
The large and medium size bandages can help control bleeding and keep wounds clean until you get to your vet, where they can be treated.


pet first aid kit bandage
3. Foil Blanket
Dogs can become fearful and unpredictable after they have been hurt. Avoid injury to yourself and keep your pet safe by having a blanket  in your pet first aid kit. The foil blanket helps retain body warmth and combat shock.
4. Gauze swabs
For cleaning up after wounds, or use of saline.
5.Micro-porous Tape
Helps to hold dressings or bandages in place. It tears easily so you won’t need scissors.


6. Conforming Bandage

A conforming bandage is designed to be breathable, allowing air to circulate over the skin and around the dressing used on a wound. It will mold itself to the shape of the area where it is applied.  Good for a suspected strain, use it around the limb and fasten with tape.
7. Gloves
Always wear these for your protection and your pet’s protection. Discard after use.

8. Plastic PouchesIMG_5867
Use these bright coloured bags to cover your dog’s paw injuries and help keep them clean. Best to fasten with tape. It will help minimise blood spillage.
9. Cleansing Wipes
Alcohol free wipes are best to use to clean wounds prior to applying a dressing. Alcohol is not good for open sores or wounds. Discard after use.
Needed to cut tape, gauze, bags, or any other type of bandaging material. They are also good for cutting out things matted in your pet’s fur. If you need to cut anything off your pet be very careful not to cut you pet’s skin.
11. Tweezers
Helpful in removing splinters, or other foreign materials from wounds. Do not use them for ticks, get a special tick removal tool and add it to your pet first aid kit.

Once you have your basic pet first aid kit, it’s important to personalize it to the uniqueness of your dog.

  • Add your dog’s medication
  • Add a couple of treats; they are good to help calm a dog, especially when trying bandage.
  • Emergency contact numbers of vets and emergency centres.

Even though you now have your pet’s first aid kit, I would highly recommend that you learn how to use it. They’re many courses, books and even an app that can help you learn what to do if something awful happens to your beloved pooch.

Just remember it’s about helping your pet at the moment while getting the professional care that they will need with a vet.

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